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Where the Perfection of Crypto Trading Stays

You can perfectly control your budget because they depend on your choice and how you will invest each time. Before you make your transaction, you will know exactly what the percentage of payment is and what the risk of loss you may suffer from choosing an option.

This means that if you invest $ 500 in an option, the payment will be 80%, and you will earn $ 400 of profit if the option is winning. Some brokers do not offer “return on loss”, which means that if your option loses, you will lose the amount you invested in trading. In binary options you are the pilot aboard your ship. Whatever happens, at the end of each trading you may lose at worst, and in case you put your best, you will reap a large profit, which corresponds to an extraordinarily high percentage of your initial investment. You can now click to learn more about it.

Close a position:

Crypto: You can close your position at any time since the market is open, and the broker has to accept your position and execute the order.

Binary options: Before you do your trading, you have to specify when you want the option to expire (for example: in 1 hour or a week from now) – the “expiration date”, the transaction will be automatically closed. The broker offers different types of options with predetermined expiration time. Some brokers allow you to complete the transaction before it expires, but you should end your option with only a percentage of the expected return. “Early closing” is not offered by all brokers, and may not be available for the duration where trading is active.

The different types of orders:

Crypto: There are a variety of types of orders in Crypto. The most important are: The order for the market (buy / sell). There are also more advanced orders, such as the limited order of course in order to limit the price, the stop order, the order of OCO (one cancels the other), the order trailing stop, the order of hedge, as well as others.