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reclaimed granite steps

Reclaimed Indian Hill Granite With Splitface Finish - Wall Stone. Reclaimed Granite Landings. February 19, 2012 ohenryiii Comments 0 Comment. New England Architectural Center specializes in antique reclaimed granite for all your historic Hardscape product needs. Looking to add a piece of history to your outdoor space? Its ability to quickly and consistently split stone 5′ … Or call us 1-855-786-9663, For some of our products, we provide custom shipping quotes in order to get you the best rate. For walls, chimneys, fire pits, fireplaces and more - we offer the best selection of natural stone veneer including ashlar, rounds, mosaic, ledgestone and square + rectangle. Reclaimed granite curbing makes a great enhancement for exterior architectural projects. The split faces show a range of blush and blue-grays with some white swirls and striations for these natural stone steps. Granite Landing Sizes: - When a step or tread exceeds a depth of 20” or greater, we refer to these pieces as a step/landing or just a landing when they exceed 24” in depth. Over 12K tons available of old wall granite from 1800’s New England mills. High quality in a desirable shade of grey. 4"-7" x 9"-12" or 16"-21" x 2' plus. These steps were late editions to our inventory last year. Roughly dimensional and uniform, these steps … Paving Grade. Reclaimed Granite Lintel or Steps . favorite this post Nov 28 4-ft granite curved step ... Reclaimed Granite Curb Corners $0 (bos > Wakefield, MA) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Reclaimed Granite for Steps. Other available reclaimed granite products include sawn and thermaled steps… Wonderful crisp appearance. Available in basalt‚ granite and sandstone these steps have a sawn and textured top surface‚ with a full textured bull nose to the leading edge. To Install Granite Steps in Hooksett you should expect to pay in the range of $16,991.40 to $20,894.77. Building blocks from bridge and foundation demolitions, antique granite curbing and vintage 19th century cobblestones from New England road improvement projects are just some of the unique and varied products found in regular rotation at their one and a half acre “Granite Gallery.”. Reclaimed Antique Granite Wallstone Our Reclaimed Antique Granite Wallstone … Our natural wallstone is sourced from quarries in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York to bring you only the best wallstone for your projects. Four Basic Types Of Bluestone Walkway And Patio Stone. As well as old … Reclaimed Brick is one example of the reclaimed walkway and patio stone we offer. Reclaimed Granite Steps | New London, CT. Stone steps are a very popular choice among our clients due to their durability and appearance, they can make an excellent addition to any home or garden. Reclaimed granite curbing makes a great enhancement for exterior architectural projects. At first, we started with antique reclaimed cobblestones for patios and driveways. Stone steps and hitching posts made exiting a carriage and tying up the team easy work. Our selection of reclaimed steps come in limestone, york stone and sometimes granite. Each step can weigh several hundred pounds with some steps easily weighing 400-500+ pounds. We have been reclaiming and salvaging stone for over a decade in Charlton, MA. Length and width are highly variable and depend on the set. $150. Beautiful antique granite step-grade curbing salvaged from an old church! 9 granite steps for sale $2,000 (prv > Pawtucket) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. They are usually 12 inches wide and are ideal for creating steps. Throughout history, stone posts have been used as fence posts, hitching posts and property markers—and we reclaim them all. A stroll along the lines of granite will inspire, the choices and shapes create opportunies to turn your garden into something different.The possibilities are endless, come along and be inspired. Reclaimed Stone Steps for Sussex, Kent, Surrey & South London Granite Steps. This is because it’s so hard. Antique or Reclaimed Granite Steps. Reclaimed Granite Natural Stone Steps are rock hard granite steps that can vary in color from gray to tan, which are often present on the same step. Designed for easy assembly so you can save time and money, assemble your outdoor shower with just a screw gun, a few screws, a level, and a string you can have your own outdoor shower in a matter of hours. Reclaimed Granite Kerbs. We hand clean old antique … SOLD . Note that they are not all uniform so its best to call ahead. We do also find antique bluestone and limestone that can be used for the same application. Olde New England Granite reclaimed granite block products include Bridge / Foundation Block, Curb, Landings, Steps, Cobblestones, Hand Split Posts / Columns, Pavers, Benches, Archways, and Monuments Click below to for more information. Since 1997, Stonewood Products has been supplying contractors and homeowners alike with a large array of reclaimed stone products. Open 7 days a week. We pull most of our reclaimed stone granite curbing from urban waterfronts that are going through a renewal – mainly Brooklyn to Boston. Get the look: Reclaimed Granite Steps $12,500. A reclaimed North American granite natural stone. Similar Products - What Goes With This Stone? Whether you'd like a backyard barbecue or a five-star commercial outdoor culinary station, we can make it happen. Quantity includes typical installation waste, fabrication overage, material for future repairs and delivery within 25 miles: 215 square feet: $6,150.21: $8,320.18: Granite Steps Labor Direct labor expenses to install granite steps… Granite steps. From bluestone and fieldstone to granite and more, we have the perfect stone to … Our Reclaimed Antique Granite Steps are a great natural stone, outdoor living addition to any walkway, patio, landscape or leading up to your front door. If you're lucky the granite step stones and a granite … We carry everything from bluestone and granite to fieldstone and more. As our customers were looking for new items, so were we. Textured to look like real wood, this flooring is 100% waterproof for all of life's little accidents. All are thermaled and provide a non-slip and even surface. February 19, 2012 ohenryiii Comments 0 Comment. Historic stone … The sandstone steps have been sandblasted‚ the basalt steps have been flame textured along with all of the granites except yellow‚ which has been bush hammered. Splitface Limestone Reclaimed Wall Stone. Bird baths, benches, beach pebbles and more! favorite this post Nov 30 Steps & treads. Very easy to work with these are roughly dimensional steps that work very well alone, or incorporated into a stone wall. I locate an old Maine farmhouse or barn that has a granite foundation, locate the owner of the property and try to buy the granite. Reclaimed Granite Curbs/Steps: Click thumbnails to view larger image. Coping and treads are also available. Roughly straight edges with some irregularities that add character. Higher to high on the price spectrum. Looking to buy stone direct? Since 1983, Metro Brick & Stone Company has provided folks all over the United States with superior brick & stone products. Bring the cozy warmth of an indoor fireplace to your back yard. For some of our products, we provide custom shipping quotes in order to get you the best rate. i have made this shelf from reclaimed timber which then has been waxed. Click below to explore. A 1-minute video highlighting the steps involved in installing a set of Swenson Granite steps. Beautiful and weathered steps of reclaimed granite. Gray and tan hues dominate but colors are variable from stone to stone. Reclaimed Granite Natural Stone Steps are rock hard granite steps that can vary in color from gray to tan, which are often present on the same step. Excavators, Masons and Landscapers are the types of contractors who have experience moving stone this large. We now reclaim pier blocks from canal digs, wall blocks from structures, and more. Prices: £20 +VAT per ft. View details; Sold RECLAIMED YORK STONE STEPS. A quantity of 15 reclaimed granite lintels or yorkshire reclaimed stone steps. Reclaimed stone steps, antique kerbs In sandstone, granite, schist, slate or limestone, our old … Reclaimed Limestone Natural Stone Steps are reclaimed limestone that has aged and weathered. From pavers to retaining walls and more, we only choose the best when it comes to our manufactured stone. How are these steps moved into place and set? Our inventory includes salvaged hand cut steps like the set shown above as well as rough granite step stock. $850.00 These two steps will match the two step set also listed. Unique Granite Step Set Granite Step Set Reclaimed Granite Steps. What we use to calculate Hooksett Granite Step Installation estimates is average material costs, average hourly labor wages and labor productivity rates. No stone precisely matches these steps but they look great with; NJ’s Premier Building and Landscape Stone Supplier, Nj's Premier Supplier Of Landscape and Building Stone. Reclaimed stone steps, antique kerbs. We specialize in vintage granite reclaimed from old structures of New England. We own our own quarries! 19th century Versailles granite … Vintage Single Basin Set Tub/Wash Basin . The size would also be appropriate for use as a hearthstone. Small and large new or reclaimed granite setts are also available. Jun 21, 2020 - The use of reclaimed granite materials in landscape rehab. Speckled, fine … Shown below are reclaimed granite curbing was used to get from the home to the water. Caledonia Granite, quarried & fabricated in Quebec, is a darker gray/brown granite with flecks of mica. Dominant colors are beige and gray; with green, orange/rust, purple, white and tan secondaries. 4"-7” x 9"-12”or 16"-18” x 2’ plus. Reclaimed Cobblestones Since 1999, we have worked on hundreds of reclaimed … Reclaimed granite curbing makes a statement when used for a driveway apron. Welcome to Stone of New England. Stonewood Products has one of the largest hardwood flooring selections in the region, and our prices and quality are unbeatable. Found: May, 2019. Red Oak Plank Hardwood Flooring | 7" Select. Antique granite was split and shaped by hand so is rougher and more irregular, and the color is usually darker than the freshly quarried stone. For more than 120 years, granite curbing was used in the construction of new roadways. In sandstone, granite, schist, slate or limestone, our old reclaimed borders are ready to install and integrate into your exterior projects, whether they be historic or contemporary schemes. Speckled, fine speckled and coarse speckled color patterns. Rise: 8-10" Depth - 16-30" Lengths - 60-69" JUST IN! This is a landscape stone for outdoor commercial and residential applications. 19th Century Granite Step . Circa 1875 Wire Cut Granite Step Set The overall lengths were 48″-56″ . Our best seller for steps is typically our reclaimed curbing, that is sorted to step grade. Our selection of reclaimed steps come in limestone, york stone and sometimes granite. Stone steps are a very popular choice among our clients due to their durability and appearance, they can make an excellent addition to any home or garden. Reclaimed Treads. Discounts for 60 tons or more. Jul 19, 2020 - Reclaimed Granite Steps Reclaimed Granite Steps | The use of reclaimed granite mater… | Flickr Available in stock and custom sizes these steps and stone treads enhance both contemporary and traditional designs. It is not uncommon for each step in a set to be 4 feet wide, 2 feet deep, and 5" tall, but that can vary. Today, we are extremely proud of our reclaimed collections in both stone and wood! Indoor + Outdoor Living | Amazing Products, Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Collections. Handcrafted on Cape Cod, these outdoor showers are great for any post-beach day rinse, or just because you want to be outside on a great day. I buy my granite within a 100 mile radius of my business. We supply granite for a variety of projects including steps, posts, lanterns and more. It is available in carved, weathered and worn finishes. Reclaimed York stone steps … Please fill out the following form and we'll get back to you asap. (more pictures) Reclaimed Granite Curbing. But as streets are repaved today, these beautiful, durable materials are often discarded—that’s where we come in. Complete the look of your patio or outdoor living space with our large collection of natural stone steps and treads. Best quality Granite steps in different sizes. Welcome and thanks for taking the time to explore We hope to be THE resource for old granite steps, reclaimed and salvaged from the New England Countryside. Each granite is fabricated from blocks at the quarries into: Steps… Eastern Connecticut origin. We will load your truck with every purchase. Very dimensional but with irregularities in the finish that give an aged, natural look. Looking for Antique Brick? Our inventory is huge and the options are endless. Enhance the look of your property with the timeless history of our Reclaimed Granite Steps. To get a more accurate estimate on your Granite Step Installation in Hooksett project: 1. Antique Stone … Silver granite ( G603) bull-nose step - Straights. Vintage Wall Granite. We often come across old bluestone and granite treads from old buildings. Reclaimed and new larger Granite items including Kerbs, Steps, Lintols, Posts and Plinths are available. Antique granite setts from Versailles: Antique French cobblestones salvaged from Versailles: Large consignment of classic French granite worn setts from Versailles. Circa 1875 Wire Cut Granite Steps . The most common depth of these slabs is generally between 3’-4’ with a thickness or rise in the 7”-8” range. A reclaimed North American granite natural stone. 4' L x 13" … Create the ultimate outdoor living area with an outdoor kitchen. The reclaimed granite steps or reclaimed granite kerbs are compatible in modern or contemporary projects. The Tile Shop’s Fort Worth store is located at 5650 Overton Ridge Blvd in Fort Worth, TX 76132. Join Stonewood Product's email newsletter for exclusive sales, events, tips & trends, new products and more! 3' L x 13" depth x 7" H $121.75. Reclaimed Granite Steps. On this historic postcard from 1905 we see the paving in front of the station in Versailles near the chateau. Also, great as wall building material, driveway aprons, and steps. This is a landscape stone for outdoor commercial and residential applications. Unusual, Unique Stone – We Always Have It. Granite steps at our New Jersey stone yard. The reclaimed granite steps or reclaimed granite kerbs are compatible in modern or contemporary projects. These granite natural stone steps are easy to install and perfect for any incline, patio, or walkway. Stone Sorted for Thickness and LengthReclaimed Granite for Step Project . Longer one is 8’-9” L x 8” rise x 16” tread width $950.00 The other is 7’-5” L x 8” rise x 16” tread width. Click here. Only while supply lasts! I buy and sell old Maine granite here at my farm in Troy, MAINE. SOLD . Wide, smooth side suitable for steps, split tops and bottoms. Rhode Island Church Steps . These steps are precisely cut and have consistent measurements in all directions. Building Bests: Building a Stone … Reclaimed Granite Stepping Stones Reclaimed Granite Curbing used as Steps\ The following stones were salvaged from an 1806 farmhouse in Millbury, Ma. With a wide variety of size and color options, we're sure that you'll find the perfect stone for your project. Our granite steps were originally kerbs and are available in random lengths. February 2019 – Reclaimed Granite Product – Special Winter Pricing January 2019 – Salvaged Granite Steps and Landings from The Gate of Heaven School South Boston January 2019 – Philly 1st Generation Granite … We deliver. The stones were cut to size by the mason and … We often come across old bluestone and granite treads from old buildings. They are the perfect accent to any walkway, patio or landscape. In addition, we can cut down thick products to a desired thickness if trying to match any curbing that you …

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