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cobia trolling lures

shapes and hook sizes. these bucktails and had success. Cobia Lures. All Rights Reserved. While many anglers fish with live bait, cobia are curious fish and will readily take artificial lures. So what do you choose? Cobia Jigs Octopus jig is a p erfect Saltwater jig for Cobia, also great for Amberjack, Snapper, Grouper, Striped Bass, Fluke, Flounder, Striper, Sea Bass and more. Sight fishing for Cobia is one if the most productive fishing methods whether you are using artificial baits or lures. market today. Hoses should be run 15 to 20 feet behind torpedo weights, ranging from four to 20 ounces. It has a built in swivel between the head and the hook to prevent a violent headshake from tearing the hook out of the Cobia’s mouth. A good spread places a pair of heavy rigs forward and a lighter pair aft, with a mix of colors. “You look, wait, and sometimes see one. As the heading eludes, the other lures on the market just don’t produce like the bucktail and the Ron-Z. Skip to main The gold spoon is a staple in more inshore saltwater fisherman’s tackle boxes across the globe than any other fishing lure. Cobia fishing is an exciting team sport requiring all onboard to have a specified role from spotting to landing the fish. But the favorite cobia lure is the cobia jig. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Topwater plugs, suspending and diving crank baits, and imitation eel lures all catch fish. Cobia are aggressive eaters and will go after life-like artificial lures that are rigged properly. I have used FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. {"cart_token":"","hash":"","cart_data":""}. Bucktail Jigs. Effective bucktails for catching Cobia range Live yellowtail, blue or scaly mackerel and most small, live or dead bait fish and squid are all ideal baits for cobia both live and dead. Recommended baits, lures and rigs. tail. bucktails with a bare hook. Give ’em eels. 11k Views. A white 7” Berkley Gulp Jerk Shad is Shaun’s #1 Cobia lure and he reckons they find them very difficult to refuse. skirts, tails and fancy feathers. Hoses should be run 15 to 20 feet behind torpedo weights, ranging from four to 20 ounces. Capt. The guys at Meat Hog not only hand tie all of their lures themselves but are also using them and testing their lures daily. Welcome to our “How to Catch Florida Cobia – A Complete Guide.”Learn how to catch these big fish on rod and reel and other essential gear. Best Lures to Catch Cobia. That’s why trolling for cobia is best done with artificial eels – surgical hoses. But few people ever set out a spread specifically for trolling this species up. They are much more expensive than a traditional The Big Game HD is not a cheap lure however, but you get what you pay for. Texas Fish & Game Publishing 3431 Rayford Rd. The tails are beyond tough and they float. There is an assortment of Cobia specific bucktails on the A Saltwater Fishing Resource for New Anglers in the Chesapeake Bay. If you throw out a chum line, they’ll quickly come to investigate and then the fun begins! 2oz Squider Tentacle Cobia Lure 2oz Lemon Lime Cobia Jig head with an 11/0 Owner hook, two coats of color, double dipped clear coated with charteuse and white base tentacles, chartreuse and green tentacles overlay and of course special holographic mylar. All Hello, Sign in. Texas Fish & Game is the largest and most popular outdoor publication in the Lone Star State. I have found that green, orange and purple have also produced in the past. You may also use large, colorful lures such as jigs, plastic crabs, shrimp, and fish. 9. Try Prime. We recommend using a bright color lure like pink, green, or orange. We aren't experts, guides or captains but we do catch fish and you can too! Source: Cast lures in front of moving fish so that the lure is reeled across the Cobia’s path. Cobia will also hit artificials, but they need to be presented well and look extremely realistic! The fish migrate to find a preferred water temperature, and can be found overwintering in south Florida. all the way through and beyond 6 oz models. Cobia have large, tough mouths so the larger and stronger hooks work Find out about bait, lures and gear. As far as color, I recommend the 8 in. $9.71 $ 9. The sad truth is they just don’t produce Cobia strikes like the other two. Specialising in all facets of fishing. He has found that the Perfect Tubes work better than live bait, which is uncommon. Bucktails jigs are great to use when Cobia fishing. Then you have to be ready!” Every spring, the Gulf waters start to warm and when they do a wonderful thing happens. Cobia is one of Florida’s most POWERFUL Fish! It is nice to be able to chum for these guys without the hordes of boats that are present at the Bay bridge Tunnel in Virginia. Damon has tried trolling the perfect tubes others area for Cobia but it doesn’t work as well. In my opinion, that makes their products stand in a league of their own.

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