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julia creek township

"Julia Creek - town in Shire of Mckinlay (entry 17428)", "Julia Creek - locality in Shire of Mckinlay (entry 42263)", "Oorindi - town in Shire of Mckinlay (entry 25497)", "Gilliat - town in Shire of Mckinlay (entry 13769)", "Julia Creek - railway station in the Mckinlay Shire (entry 17429)", "Opening and closing dates of Queensland Schools", Queensland Health Facility Profile - Julia Creek Hospital, "Queensland Public Libraries Statistical Bulletin 2016-2017", University of Queensland: Queensland Places: Julia Creek, Tanksinker – The Story of Max Burns and the Township of Julia Creek,,_Queensland&oldid=983374930, Australian Statistical Geography Standard 2016 ID same as Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 October 2020, at 21:57. We are looking for a female for general duties on our cattle station. Heading east from Cloncurry, the first decent sized township you will come to is Julia Creek. The High School later closed down causing many families to move away, followed by the closure of the Convent School, then the banks. McIntyre reached the area in 1862 after travelling up the Darling River. Julia Creek had many ups and downs with the 1974 flood and bushfires in 1976 with 27 fires burning between Julia Creek and McKinlay. He established a property named Dalgonally 70 km from the present town. A steady flow of businesses were established after this. 1952 brought the most significant event – the completion of a power house and the switching on of the town electricity. The railway yards include a large goods shed (still standing) railway station, station masters house and a large water tank for locomotives. [15], Julia Creek Public Library was opened in 1994.[16]. The township began life as a temporary terminus in 1907 when the railway was extended from Richmond to service the copper mines at Cloncurry. One major important task was to bitumen the town streets, not only to relieve the dust issue, but to alleviate the muddy mess that occurred each time it rained. This photo shows a flood-affected area near Julia Creek township in Queensland last week Graziers are braced for major stock losses but can't yet get a handle on what's happened to their animals The first bound copy was finished on 7 Oct 2009. Julia Creek is also home to the Julia Creek dunnart which is now endangered because of feral animals (wild cats, dogs & foxes). The project lies within St Elmo Pastoral Station and EPM 12862-12864, which covers areas previously explored for oil shale by CSR Limited between 1968-1988, Placer Exploration between 1988-1991, and CRA between 1991-1994. McKinlay came up the Diamantina River in search of Burke and Wills, travelling to the east of Julia Creek, and Landsborough had travelled along the Flinders River, reporting on good pastoral land. The nearest secondary schools are in Richmond (only to Year 10) and Cloncurry (to Year 12).[5]. [4][5] The town of Gilliart is within the west of the locality (20°41′12″S 141°30′04″E / 20.6866°S 141.5011°E / -20.6866; 141.5011 (Gilliart, Queensland)) beside the Gilliart railway station; as at 2019, there is nothing in the town. The town was surveyed in July 1907 and renamed Julia Creek in August that same year. Get directions, Copyright 2017, At the creek | All Rights Reserved |. The war ended and by the late 1940’s towns were recovering from war time shortages, but the recovery was short lived as a severe drought hit the region in the early 1950’s. Home to the earliest European settlement in north western Queensland, Julia Creek was named after the niece of the first settler in the area, Donald McIntyre. A rural and regional Shire, McKinlay is home to a population of 1,000 and a productive and innovative pastoral industry, the world’s richest single mine producer of silver, lead and zinc South32 Cannington Mine as well as the Eloise Copper Mine. The McKinlay Shire Council moved to Julia Creek from McKinlay and the post office was relocated to Burke Street. The Julia Creek Project is located less than 16km east of the township of Julia Creek and is intersected by the main infrastructure corridor of the Flinders Highway and the Great Northern Railway connecting Mt. By 1920, there were four food shops, a chemist, an accountant, a solicitor, tailor, three garages, three cafes, two hotels, two market gardeners, a blacksmith and a one room school. Then it was onto Julia Creek with the first official train arriving on 29th February 1908. A new brick, air conditioned hospital was opened in 1972. The 1930’s saw a number of important events. The McKinlay township was thereafter overshadowed by Julia Creek, although its race club (c1916), aerodrome (c1922) and Church of England (c1928) were welcome additional facilities. The … Allied Works Council (Queensland), AWC Minutes 1942–1945, BP1/1, National Archives of Australia, Canberra. The creek was originally named Scorpion but, in 1870, it was changed to Julia Creek.

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