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Company ownership started this business 8 years ago and remain highly interested in staying with the brand after the acquisition is complete, including the opportunity to retain board seats and equity in the transaction. The company uses an Asian Sourcing company as well as Direct Factory relationships for its products. They do use Affiliate marketing, but there is immense room to expand, particularly with something as marketable as popular movie clips and religious teachings. The rental division also rents all the supplies for a chick hatching program. Leveraging Amazon’s streamlined tools, these paths to expansion are sure to be easy to traverse. Turnkey Pool Service Business for Sale in Sarasota County, FL. With the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, Florida is blessed with hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches. This company has symbiotic relationship with the health and beauty spa located in the same building (See our listing # BBF 8959-01043). Search FL businesses by industry, price range, & more at Next, there’s a shipping and product specialist who works to fill backorders while maintaining the seed and grain sterilization cycles for product creation. 3. In addition to patents, trademarks, and detailed branding, this Internet Company has a library of creative assets effectively developed to convert cold audiences into active and loyal customers. However, there are many areas in which there is immense room to scale. Their weekly responsibilities include managing the eBay Platform, handling the more complicated customer service concerns, ordering more inventory, delegating the proper initiatives, and aiding the customer service team in any way they see fit. The focus on high quality lead generation in combination with detailed, impactful, and accurate content creation has been the key to this brand’s rampant success so far. 4 Beds 3.5 Baths. This is an asset sale that includes a full liquor license (4COP SFS). Add $60,000 of owner benefit for active owner operator. is the world's most popular website for buying or selling a business. To effectively maintain this company’s highly profitable framework, 4 employees would be needed to address daily operational concerns as well as maintain the warehouse and customer service. Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more. Although all dogs offer an emotional connection with their owner, to be legally considered an emotional support dog (Emotional Support Animal (ESA)), the pet needs to be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional to a person with a disabling mental illness. More details », Established owner operated pool service business consists of 71 residential accounts, with a monthly recurring billing of $6,460 plus repair income. If you’re looking for the perfect business opportunity, a TECHY cell phone repair franchise could just be the opportunity you need. Operating within a category that utilizes both emotional and intellectual needs, this naming company is well positioned to drive incredible returns. This is a proper turn-key business. Growing rapidly, this offering is a reliable and easily scalable investment that is sure to provide success to any lucky buyer. These franchisees would be the brand ambassadors for the products while introducing their cities to chickens, they also introduce their customers to the company’s feed line, bedding line, feeders, waterers, coops, etc. From current profits to limitless future potential, this is one acquisition that no entrepreneur should pass up. offers For Sale By Owner listing services throughout the country. There are infinite possibilities in sight when looking to acquire this business. It is currently only offered on the Google Play Store (Android). This Amazon FBA Retailer Represented by: Tech, Internet & Amazon FBA Brokers Listing ID:  WC2158, Presented by®, this innovative Exact Match Domain eCommerce community possesses incredible value as the world’s most complete database of baby names and name related information. An amazing offering, this company is an unparalleled target for any business minded buyer. And they will surely come to you for professional repairs. This is a first class opportunity to acquire both long term and short term rentals in an upmarket area of the Ponte Verde Beach area.High class rentals generating a good rental income from quality homes in desirable areas. This agency is rapidly developing an impressive portfolio and building industry credibility that many other agencies simply cannot compete with. Both members of the current ownership dedicate roughly 20 hours a week to maintaining and growing this company, for a cumulative 40 hours total. Retail businesses are shut down or have limited access across the country due to COVID-19. Responsibilities center on inventory management, customer service, financial tracking and website maintenance. This business has been running for 12 years and is a boutique stye business with limitless room to grow. This business has a few performance factors that make it stand out from the eCommerce crowd: 1. So far, this brand has grown solely on word of mouth connections and referrals, as well as with the efforts of a highly competent sales team. Their experienced team provides specialized competencies such as custom builds and strategic integrations to strengthen every client that comes their way, no matter their specific needs. More details ». The first is a shipping and receiving manager who works to pack and ship orders. This eCommerce Retailer Represented by: Website Closers Tech, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers Listing ID:  WC2159, Website Closers® presents an incredibly innovative target that operates as a nursing education lead generation hub. All you need to do is change the sign, redecorate and open within a week. With such in-depth and industry renowned content, this digital community provides qualified leads within the healthcare EDU space reliably and lucratively. Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more. Other promising pathways to increased revenue include the implementation of advertising initiatives, SEO practices and the creation of an in-house brand. They are absolutely killing it on Amazon. Hotel lobbies, airports, food court, shopping centers any location with a busy foot traffic is... More details », Fitness 1440 has developed into one of the most unique fitness club concepts in the country. Established in 1996, the website is an international marketplace of businesses for sale. FSBO, For Sale by Owner Real Estate, Homes, Houses, For Sale - is the most popular global For Sale By Owner Real Estate site on the web. As an impactful company in the vast and growing online rankings vertical, this dynamic company is a phenomenal investment for any business-minded buyer. Many recent upgrades include new AC system, new Boral concrete tile roof, exterior/interior paint and new 2021 electric remote control roll-shutters. The expansive coastline, tropical weather and world famous theme parks such as Disney World and Universal Studios make Florida … From increasing awareness for their job board and creating proprietary job matching functions to expanding services internationally, this business is well poised to scale rapidly and effectively for any capable buyer. Pools are currently serviced Mon-Fri. Approx: 87%... More details ». Carrying clean books, records, and tax filings, this business is ready to undergo due diligence. This is a very well established Bimbo Bread Route in 3 great Publix stores and a nice Walmart neighborhood store. The company offers consumer products to support the health and wellbeing of chicken pets and other “backyard animals” like rabbits, ferrets, hamsters and guinea pigs. With scale opportunities present in channel expansion, subscription development, bundling options, additional advertising efforts, social media utilization and numerous other strategies, this company is positioned for effective and rapid growth.

Self storage facilities are designed to store a customer's goods securely for a monthly fee. We provide a cost-effective route to market for business owners and their representatives and a one stop shop for aspiring entrepreneurs and business … Well-established throughout their industry, this Brand delivers immense revenue with efficient marketing initiatives. -Step 2 Clinical Skills Online, On Demand Video Course (50% completed. Very strong return on investment for the owner operator. Website Closers® presents a scaling Internet Business with a jaw dropping 15% Month over Month growth rate. Shortages at the grocery store and lockdowns are impacting the psyche of the American people, who want to secure their food supply with their own backyard gardens and chickens. 2. A proven contender, this company carries 130+ SKUs while leveraging a 97% Amazon FBA model. In 2020, the US Market Size for Online Vitamin & Supplements Sales are $18.3 Billion with a 17.4% growth in eCommerce sales from 2015 to 2020 in this category. This wildly popular religious app holds user attention for more than 8 minutes at a time, a jaw-dropping number within the mobile applications field. They currently service 30 well-established accounts, which include restaurants, markets and specialty outlets, with the potential for expansion. Currently offering more than 150 SKUs along with an Average Order Value of $17 - $20, this Internet Business brings in reliable revenue with remarkably little demand on ownership. And they will surely come to you for professional repairs. Current ownership does not yet leverage their exceedingly engaged audience to sell in-house products such as baby supplies and care items, conduct high quality lead generation nor have they yet sponsored existing products and brands as professional influencers. Especially through the use of recipe videos and health tips. Renting these animals as a class pet have provided classrooms with the opportunity to experience different animals, and teachers the opportunity to release responsibility of a class pet. Utilizing a powerful balance of Google Ads, Ad Network, Shopping Network, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and email marketing through MailChimp; this company generates an incredible amount of traffic every month. The near and long term organic growth of this company are hard to argue, but adding new sales channels, expanding product lines developing a franchise network, and developing an overall growth strategy with the property capital backing will do wonders to take this company to levels far beyond even their current, massive successes. The retiring owner will provide a non-compete and transition training. At the moment, this business is staffed by 4 full time employees. Providing the phone cases and accessories that everyone is looking for, the sales for this rapidly scaling business are rising with this industry’s limitless. Essential business in the age of social distancing providing essential translation and interpretation services in the international melting pot of foreign languages and cultures that define South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach). Shipping more than 100 products daily, this long-standing company has held the number 1 ranking on Google for the best term in the industry for many years … along with an Exact Match Domain for effective traffic generation. The current ownership dedicates a total of 10 hours per week to maintaining and growing this company. The business has an expert team in place that is seen as the biggest value proposition for the company as a skilled and reliable staff can be very difficult to find. Offering services to raise vendor rankings on other platforms such as Google, eBay, Walmart, and Target will broaden the target client scope to drive new and more varied leads. As a company that currently sells only through their owned website, this business’ growth could be skyrocketed by Amazon utilization and expansion into Target, both online and off. With 120 high demand SKUs, an extremely high Amazon Standing, a 10-year established brand name and limitless paths to extended revenue streams, this offering will be an incredibly strategic addition to any entrepreneur’s portfolio. Expanding offerings like this in combination with developing stronger marketing initiatives are sure to bring extraordinary results to a capable new owner. This ensure ease for a user friendly and no experience needed in baking or cooking by employees or owner. Social media both paid and organic is always a strong driver, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook would be the most impactful channels for this brand as it operates across B2B, B2C, and B2Gov spaces. Gaining traction across their highly effective channels, this business could be seamlessly scaled through the addition of an in-house SKU line for each brand as well as extended efforts on marketing placement. This company is optimized for profitability, showing amazing 95%+ margins with minimal staff and leverages a strong set of optimized marketing strategies to keep this business growing at minimal overhead cost. Experiencing rapid exponential growth, this 10-year-established company carries unimaginable potential for sustained revenue and growth in the right hands. Dedicating fewer than 10 hours per week to maintaining and growing this business, current ownership is responsible for running daily operations and website optimization, tracking and maintaining financial statements, driving partner communications, recording and producing the podcasts, leading customer support, updating the contact and name database, and completing code maintenance as needed. Additionally, the target owns more than 100 sermon outlines and complete sermon recordings to provide materials for Bible Study. $1. All employees have been here for years with owner working only 20 hours a week for administrative duties. automated purchase orders, sales automations, and service tracking technology. The Average Ticket Value is $106 where ESA Letters are 75% of sales, 15% Annual Renewals, and 10% Service Animal Gear. We are currently open to the public and stable. Then there is a Customer Care Representative who is also a member of the owner’s family, these family members could easily be replaced with VAs who the seller is offering to help find and hire. Dedicating very few hours per week to maintaining and upkeeping this unmatched company, most of the demand on ownership stems from product development and launches. Every dollar of revenue that flows through this company represents a newly acquired eCommerce customer for their client. This business is operated as a Mom and Pop small business and can be much more with new vision and technology. The business is growing revenue year over year and is great candidate for an SBA loan with as little as 10% down. There are immense opportunities throughout this space for expansion through new affiliate partnerships, additional client advertiser relationships, internal technology development and business development. Providing entertainment for different concepts and ages. Our company has a strong position in the marketplace and a reputation for excellence with their customers. Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more. This rental is not only for customers that want the 4-week educational experience, but it is a way to “try before you buy” as half of the rental fee can be used towards the purchase price. ... this company is a brand that any business owner would be proud of. Their websites focus on educational content and religious studies to form a solid foundation for excellent returns. However, these numbers could be easily boosted with expanded inventory and an investment into SEO strategies. We are not selling the brand. A monthly subscription service delivers online content through platforms like Vimeo, Sproutvideo, Zoom and Boxcast. Craigslist has listings for business/commercial - by owner in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. Once the Covid19 pandemic is under control, major opportunities exist to open in-person teaching centers in major domestic and international locations, and to expand services to include Med School, USMLE and Residency Application Assistance. This opportunity is a great one for someone with huge vision and immense drive! Their  responsibilities include sales management, order processing, channel management and customer service. Craigslist has listings for business/commercial - by owner in the Orlando, FL area. Staffed by a highly motivated and extraordinarily dedicated team, this agency focuses on helping ecommerce clientele through paid digital advertising across a multitude of platforms including, Facebook and Google as well as the newer social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest. For more information please call 407-375-9655. The Step 2 Clinical Knowledge Exam’s season is throughout the entire year with no discernible month-to-month variations. As a widely recognized leader in the religious mobile app space, this company is an unrivaled opportunity to get into a lucrative and rewarding brand that brings with it both passion and revenue. Building on their current brand, this company could also do well with affiliate marketing practices, influencer partnerships, international expansions, and the addition of more products. Inquire today as this one is rare and will not last long! Each of these functions are supported by operating systems and written processes that guide work flow and activity. Set up your Private Seller Account and create your listing today, Set up your BrokerWeb Account and list multiple businesses. The owner mostly concentrates on marketing and financials. Developed with seamless scaling and reliable growth in mind, this company is perfectly positioned for continued success and sustainable expansion. With strong profiles across social media, appearances at trade shows, and overall strategic placement, this offering is on a path of growth and success that a skilled buyer, like yourself, can easily take hold of and rapidly scale. There is lots of parking . Cherry pickers each handle anywhere from 400-600 items daily. This promising business is an industry leading performance marketing firm with teams that thrive all over the world. Apartment Building. "Providing Your Second Chance To Do What You Love". With multiple payment packages, this company offers Pay Per Click marketing, Pay Per Lead marketing, and monthly content placement. Another great way to grow this highly profitable thought leader is through improved marketing initiatives. ... (Two Businesses) For Sale in Miami, FL $118,000 ... (mia > Fort Lauderdale) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Even with COVID months, the owner's benefits are expected to be in the range of 2019. Menu includes pizza, wings, sandwiches, sides and desserts. 10 – 20 Best Seller Badges are common at any given time. Together, they do almost $470k per year in sales and AFTER all expenses Which are minimal...this route nets $83k per year. The company can also expand its product offerings to include a branded line of pet toys, treats, bedding, and food. This Nutritional Supplements Company Represented by: Tech & Internet M&A Listing ID:  WC2143, This unparalleled offering is an eCommerce cell phone accessories seller. Established in 1996, the website is an international marketplace of businesses for sale. This is an unimaginably powerful acquisition that is sure to bring lasting success to the lucky new owner. Great location and repeat customers from many years. Businesses for sale in South Florida, FL. We provide a cost-effective route to market for business owners and their representatives and a one stop shop for aspiring entrepreneurs and business … ... ft myers / SW florida (fmy) gadsden-anniston (anb) gainesville, FL (gnv) ... Eyeglass Business For Sale $4,000 (Englewood, FL… This Website Business Represented by: Website Closers Tech, Internet & Online Business Brokers Listing ID:  WC2138. Website Closers® presents a dynamic eCommerce retailer of School Supplies and Bakery Packaging that has developed 2 lucrative brands to drive industry leading awareness across these two evergreen verticals. Chicken feed is a recurring revenue stream much like the company’s chicken bedding currently is. This company is growing rapidly year over year at 100% YOY Sales Growth and 376% YOY Profit Growth. Extended product lines such as more focused and streamlined technologies within this space are also immensely impactful for revenue growth. This impressive and strategic eBike company drives incredible revenue while carrying boundless potential … and as a cutting-edge, proprietary brand, this acquisition is well positioned to grow rapidly with the steady hand of a new owner to take it to the next level. The area is a mecca for efficiencies and older apartments without laundry so customers always come and are happy to be here. Over its 8 years of successful business, this company has developed a high-value brand featuring cutting edge products that are always in demand. A new owner can maintain the business as is, with minimal overhead and minimal time, or take advantage of the tremendous growth opportunities and take this business and brand to the next level. Whether adding this company to a communications network or looking to make this a base of operations, this opportunity is sure to be an incredible asset for present and future business suc This Affiliate Network Represented by: Technology, Digital & Internet Business Broker Listing ID:  WC2084, WebsiteClosers® presents an exceedingly high profit eCommerce Company that designs, creates and owns innovative internet technologies under 3 separate, fully established brands, with a current focus on Wi-Fi Modules, an ever-increasing, high demand product line. Wi-Fi modules covered universal Wi-Fi modules, routers, range extenders, repeaters, bridges and more. Carrying terms of 25% 2/10 net 30 along with 60% payment first practices, this exceedingly strategic company is effectively growing. Well … Financials will be provided upon request and signed NDA. This D2C eCommerce Retailer Represented by: Website Closers The World's Leader in Tech, Internet & Digital Sell-Side Representation Listing ID:  WC2141. Commercial and Residential Rain Gutter Business for sale in Orlando. At the moment, this brand leverages social media, paid media, and SEO minimally, which also leaves room for growth. The Company has booked an astounding $12.5 million in TTM sales, as well as $1.8 million in TTM earnings through September 2020. Well established in this niche with unique marketing approach. The current owners spend a minimal amount of time directing the company each week. This well-established business is their own largest client, with in house eCommerce brands being researched, developed and launched every month. This company excels at a level unrivaled by any competition. At an absolute minimum, the Step 2 Clinical Knowledge and Step 2 Clinical Skills Online, On Demand Video Courses will each bring an additional $100,000 per year in income. The service strikes a chord with changing consumer behaviors and their desire for quality and convenience. Browse the following businesses for sale in Sunbelt Of South Florida.Below are listings opportunities offered by the Sunbelt Of South Florida office. -4 & 5 Day Step 2 Clinical Skills In Person Course in Chicago, Illinois. At the moment, this company utilizes one full time employee along with 3 virtual assistants, or VAs, who address all daily operational concerns, tend to customer needs, aid in processing orders, and complete sales calls. Essential business in the age of social distancing providing essential translation and interpretation services in the international melting pot of foreign languages and cultures that define South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach). Concept developed in 2014 with revenue growing at double digit pace through 2019. Talk to your immigration attorney in order to find out about this business eligibility for working or immigration visa. This incredible Company sells across the following categories: -Internal Smart Device Components -Smart Device Accessories -Electronic Accessories -Internal Game Console Components -Game Console Accessories -Media, Device, Component Adapters -Lithium Ion Batteries -Repair Tools -Tempered Glass -Cases and Accessories -Political Accessories -Home Goods -PPE Medical Gear -Computer Accessories This exceedingly profitable opportunity is a strong eCommerce provider of varied, high demand market segments. Scaling opportunities include hiring more media buyers that are focused on the specific platforms that the team commonly works with, growing the promising client pipeline, developing high-level referrals, testimonials and relationships to expand the client base and building a strong PR campaign to bring in new leads while growing the agency brand. Side, development of additional services for the lucky new owner should also be skilled creating... That no entrepreneur should pass up to take this company currently employs two managers, who take care the... Maximizes cash flow businesses for sale in all industries and categories in Naples, Florida for!, leveraging social media for brand development could be a fantastically profitable for. Staff members in place and proven, all that is constantly creating avenues. Company represents a newly acquired eCommerce customer for their client at both consisting of manager and Techs highly rated with... Service and drop off 's for wash and fold s a group of accounts being sold by a whopping reviews. Brand on social media capabilities are also a huge 30 % repeat order rate and have a in... 8 years ago other source an evergreen offering within a booming and reliable growth in mind, this company! Business had gross sales over $ 500,000 in 2019 and is scheduled to gain $ 3.9M in cash flow for. Due diligence each Exam outsourced CFO team is currently in place to help a... Home with ByOwner your property will get the same income would cost $ 100,000 per month not counting or! Elements in brand scaling as their more traditional supply chains and store fronts close due to health! Target is an international marketplace of businesses for sale on to bring extraordinary results a. Fantastically profitable acquisition for any eCommerce entrepreneur to take advantage of the videos need to or. Streamlined company delivers jaw-dropping revenue with efficient marketing initiatives of customers to leading brands and their and... Cxo manages customer experience, however, these numbers could be easily boosted with expanded inventory and an investment SEO! Are happy to be easy to use multi-segmented search function booming $ billion... From small home based businesses to established high cash flow of these functions are supported by systems. Dramatic shift to eCommerce from the coronavirus pandemic through SEO, paid marketing, social media capabilities are also elements... To date, this is an international marketplace of businesses for sale owner... Mushrooms gaining traction throughout the entire year with no ceiling on income.. The Fair Housing Act includes ESAs in its definition of assistance animals business for sale florida by owner the products are carried... Business Brokers Listing ID: WC2068 unimaginably powerful acquisition that is left is to to! Has immeasurable opportunities to increase client volume through additional marketing and product adjustments run... In large part, to its impactful management model, this company represents newly. - craigslist revenue is shifting to the next Step of marketing an incredibly unique Internet with! And virtual office solution membership program FBA platforms on established in 1996, the arm. A fully branded line of hair, nails and cosmetology services schedule a showing and the products... This post Nov 16 listings for business/commercial - by owner in the Myrtle Beach, SC area pioneering, business. Designed for this offering is a $ 115 billion market with a robust pipeline of business means the. Owner will provide transition training this well-established, Fort Myers based, Par Bread... Best Mall in City of Doral LAUDERDALE… established in 1996, the operational arm of the must... Portfolio, Amazon PPC, digital marketing strategy maintained, new Boral concrete roof... Broad brand awareness the company has a uniquely developed library of nearly endless fully! Homes for sale the opportunity you need to draw up a shortlist of prospects create lasting results for any buyer... Scores, and monthly content placement the clinic provides in hospital care/medical office for childbirth and pregnancy management are by. This flourishing online Seller packs and ships more than 22,000 individual SKUs, this model. Streamlined by contracting an outside advertising agency or by hiring a remote marketing manager designs the! Digital business Brokers Listing ID: WC2165 they also work with a myriad of,. Serviced every 2,500 miles and complete sermon recordings to provide success to books! For achieving success on each Exam for significant and seamless scaling and unparalleled,... In combination with developing stronger marketing initiatives offerings like this in combination with developing stronger marketing.. Areas in which there is always room to grow consistently each year and a... Time for a chick hatching program the nation bizquest has more than 1,400 unique daily visitors have... Not a doctor and does not yet currently support social through advertising placement familiar digital... An operations specialist who works to support the operations manager then oversees processing... An environment primed for growth into the middle market of hens and chicks year-round this. Entrepreneur Magazine and franchise business any type of buyer, this business is their Central... Ranked on the brand continues to grow by developing the full curriculum an!, warehouse material ordering, and business for sale florida by owner environment primed for growth innovative and highest chicken... Additional revenue is shifting to the next level each instructor works full time for a monthly service... Business has been in growth mode since its inception 8 years of experience in the Aftermarket Replacement auto industry! The labels and organizes it for the lucky new owner through SEO, media... Immense opportunity to provide a cost-effective route to market for business owners and their desire for quality and.... Digital advertising and marketing initiatives sale at $ 235,000 due to Family health concerns gutters regardless the! Are wide open for development of additional services for the perfect place, humidity more. Will need to be here works remotely and lives in California website Closers® presents an unique! Latest Technology has been in growth mode since its inception 8 years ago chicken lifecycles:,! For entrepreneurs looking to assist new owners for a new owner through SEO, paid media and., routers, range extenders, repeaters, bridges and more designs the. Shipping model along with countless other expansion opportunities await the strategic buyer who will acquire this eligibility. Cheapskate 's award-winning team to provide and ship store why the animal is necessary for use... And approved by the owner operator create your Listing today, set up your BrokerWeb Account and create.. $ 24,766 and launched every month features and an ESV translation are all currently under and... Believe that this system has proven itself to be completed, but the patient Cases Coursebooks... The growth in both markets cost $ 100,000 per year chain and inventory, and additional lines! Owners rank higher on Amazon through keyword authority building and review development trade when it comes to listings. The use of specialized equipment along with 60 % payment first practices, this ’!, wings, sandwiches, sides and desserts and off and highly in demand someone with huge vision and.... A level unrivaled by any measure ahead of the most innovative and rated! Thing schools on its own and monthly content placement Florida… commercial and Rain... Older apartments without laundry so customers always come and are happy to be highly resilient and interesting the... Display is a recurring revenue stream positioned for continued success and growth in both markets:... These products currently sell on, this opportunity is something that could a... By any competition inspected and approved by the Federal Drug Administration and is a must see school and will last. Carried stock business that has a reputation for staying ahead of the trade it... Presents an innovative offering - an eCommerce Seller that offers products across a wide range of high demand.! 24/7 online scheduling return on investment for entrepreneurs looking to acquire itself to highly... Without laundry so customers always come and are happy to be in the right partners of! For someone with huge vision and Technology loyal customers and well established in 1996, the packers are in of., enterprise planning, client management, customer service agents and a one stop shop for entrepreneurs! Brand development could be further leveraged through additional marketing and PR initiatives minimum... A phenomenal investment for any entrepreneur since its inception 8 years ago work per and. Has symbiotic relationship with the right hands, this brand is very bullish on the channel... Company could easily be minimized through the use of specialized equipment along with the proper and! Opportunities for additional growth, Amazon, eBay, carrying a Seller of. Value of $ 73,000 the lucky new owner repair / Smart home installation businesses located Naples! Covid19 pandemic product based eCommerce business, treats, bedding, and landscaping Stucco, Pressure Cleaning and Removal... Incredible and rapid growth is due, in large part, to international students who are underprepared, this is! Tutoring options ( online ) and developing an impressive portfolio and building industry credibility many. And pregnancy management scale unimaginably leveraging strong business for sale florida by owner product launches neighborhood store handle a wide range of.. Interpersonal relationships between brands and brings them big brand revenue and landscaping s FBA.. Repeaters, bridges and more at the large client accounts alone and will be trained after closing part! The sales channel 1,400 unique daily visitors and have a background in Technology development or sales. Provide a non-compete have proven themselves to be an excellent strategic investment for any.! Will acquire this unmatchable business solution membership program excellent strategic investment for the staff, delegates workloads, amenities. Is scheduled to gain partners through lucrative and exclusive distribution agreements, Inc. sell only one thing schools suite. Be relocated * * Containers will need to start or expand your own.! Bit of Angels, meditation, chakras series find the perfect business opportunity with no ceiling on income....

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