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quest hunter deck

by AngryShuckie 1 year ago 11 11620 11620 1033 5. Deck Code in the description also if you enjoy, consider checking the other guides I have posted. Card List. Need to put in some more rounds with it, but the concept is solid. Since every turn you're trying to spend your mana on draw or minion, if you're wasting mana on hero power (even with Sharpshooter) you're falling behind. Tortue’ #5 Legend Quest Hunter. Combo Quest Hunter code copy Our Beast Hunter deck list guide features the best Ashes of Outland deck list for Season 73 of Hearthstone (April 2020). The game end on average turn 9 if you do all right and had Coin from Licensed Adventurer. $19.99 . Yeah, you are hold Rhino for zero against mid / control decks until find one of combos. How does it play … Unseal the Vault OTK Theorycraft. And don't forget about Frozen Shadoweaver vs weapon base classes. He has reached Rank 1 Legend in both Wild More Decks From FunkiMonki . Quest Hunter - Deck Klasse Jäger Hearthstone. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Each Recipe has a title, description and art taken from a fitting card. report. After complete quest I can do Tundra Rhino + Swarf of Locusts  + Ability for 8 cost, or Zixor Prime for 10 cost. Find the best Hunter Decks to play right now. The real test will be vs Spell Druid, current meta in diamond (where I'm at) is at least 30% Spell druid so any competitive deck has to be able to beat it 40-45% to be over 50% overall and climb. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Clear the way isn't actually hard to utilize between weapon, gryphons, Kragg and Zixor (and if you trigger it on Swarm you only wasted 1 mana you had to burn anyway). Come join us: Toggle navigation. Visit the Store Page. This deck was played at Legend by Lowelo early on in the Saviors of Uldum expansion in August. Main problem that Swarm of Locust ruin it, and only 3 rush minions except weapon/Zixor Prime to activate it. Check Out The Strongest Demon Hunter Decks In Hearthstone. Quest Hunter deck comparison and guides. By Patrick Kobek Apr 08, 2020. You can keep Unleash the Hounds and Sea Giant vs Demon Hunter, Druid with Coin. Each Deck Recipe is a class-specific deck list, most having a specific theme. by AngryShuckie 1 year ago 11 11620 11620 1015 5. save. Happy Friday everyone! Btw, 1 Sharpshooter and 1 Clear the Way may be good. Tier 1 Hunter Decks. Cookies help us deliver our services. Kartendecks März 2020. And don't forget about Unleash the Hounds. Tundra Rhino + Scarlet Webweaver + ability = 11dmg, Tundra Rhino(zero) + Swarm of Locusts + ability = 22dmg, Tundra Rhino(zero) + Zixor Prime(or this for 3) + ability = 28dmg, Core. Zeige 1 … It's hard to draw the combo in time. ...and just calculate minions. Druid; Hunter; Mage; Paladin; Priest; Rogue; Shaman; Warlock; Warrior; Guides; Menu. Hearthstone decks meta June 2020. We will continue to update the list to help you play the best possible Quest Hunter list. a long-time competitive Hearthstone player. Filled it with firefly, the 3 mana guy that gives you two additional forefly guys in your hand, the 1 mana raptors and the new bird that goves you a random beast and last but not least a secretkeeper. He doesn’t seem to fit well. (You can dormant Tundra Rhino, but I never did it). The best Hunter decks in the current meta. Siamat not required for comfortable play, but I realize that the card gives many options to affect the board. Unseal the Vault OTK Theorycraft. Check out Tortue's #5 Legend Quest Hunter! Quest Hunter with Shu'ma! 2 Revenge of the Wild RR 2. share. to legend. The quest requires you to play seven 1-Cost minions, and you will receive the powerful Queen Carnassa. Worst matchups is hunters (except highlander). Come join us: Toggle navigation. early on in the Saviors of Uldum expansion Best Hearthstone Hunter Decks by High Legend Players. I feel like this will be competitive enough vs tempo DH (which is also a huge % of meta), but i'm eyeballing this as hard to beat vs spell druid.

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