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Brian's axe shop is in the northern area of Port Sarim near the rune shop and the bar. To the south-east of the gem rocks is a small antique store owned by Yanni Salika. Items needed: Clay Bowl filled with Water, 2 Guam Leaves, 1 Marrentill, 1 Harralander, 1 Empty Teacup (obtained during Quest), Tinderbox, Chisel, 10GP, Woodcutting Axe. We have Lodestones, equipment teleports, and spell teleports. Nowadays in Runescape we have so many teleports that nobody really walks anywhere. Also, at 100%, you can cook in the Hosidius kitchen, located east of the estate agent in the Hosidius House.The ovens here give a 5% lower burn rate, which stacks with the effects of the Cooking Gauntlets. This will help you later on. You will receive their blunt hatchet. Underground Pass. horror from the deep one small favour headquarters and make your way to the farm North of, Cross the bridge to the East and walk North until you reach another farm. By buying our services you acknowledge that you may be breaking the official rules of the game. This is going to be a long, long quest... Zogre Flesh Eaters. Enter the Goblin Cave east of the fishing guild (teleport to the Ardougne lodestone and run north). It seems that Phantuwti answers every question with a cryptic response. Hopefully you bought a ticket to the Lady of the Waves earlier. He seems rather mean at first but after you ask him several questions about Tassie and his choice of profession, he will mention to you that he has always wanted to be a druid. Find Hammerspike and talk to him. Tourist Trap. Head east through Varrock and speak to Horvik. After choosing the available responses, he will let you help him complete the task. Now travel to the west and climb up the mountain until you reach the gnome pilot. As you speak to him, he claims that he already knows why you have arrived. Quests are essential for advancing in Old School Runescape. All submitted content becomes the property of RuneHQ. Following her wise decision, exit the goblin cave and head north-east to Seers' Village and head to Phantuwti's house. If you negotiate for Jimmy's release, Johanhus will mention that he will be glad to release Jimmy in return for one month's supply of chickens from Fred the Farmer, Jimmy's brother. When you talk with, Head West to the Ice Mountain and descend into, Travel to the North Eastern corner of the, Head West until you find a gnome glider and talk to, Enter the H.A.M. Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of RuneScape is the variety of quests it offers. - 2 Quest Points. Seeing that you are still upset, he will hand you a key ring to help you store your keys. In return for her acting as a character witness for Brian, she needs you to investigate the area and find out information on Jimmy's whereabouts. Head straight west in a line until you reach the ocean. 100%. Rantz is very upset at the loud noise coming from the little guy nearby. Make your way to the antiques shop South East of the gem mine in Shilo Village and ask Yanni Salika if there is anything else to do in the village. Right click the trapdoor and select pick lock in order to open the door up. But he can not produce a weather report for you since he is more concerned about the safety of a young girl named Petra who has gone missing. Before you have a chance to object, he interrupts you and instructs you to go to the White Wolf Mountain and bring the gnome pilot a cup of Guthix Rest Tea. He will also mention that he can make chicken cages for you but he will require five pigeon cages. He will get you the recipe for Guthix Rest and send you on your way. Approach the sculpture and search it. He listens to what you need and hands you a vial of herbal tincture. You should receive Guthix Rest (3). Usage of RuneHQ content on any other site is strictly prohibited. Keys that can be on your keyring include: This Quest Guide was written by Xtotre. Scorpion Catcher. Probably nothing particularly large, Yanni isn't a demanding(2) person, should hardly take you any time(3) at all really, something to do when you have a spare moment. He will acknowledge that Petra has returned to the village, but he can not give you the forecast. Skill: 25 Crafting, 18 Herblore, 36 Agility, 30 Smithing. Head to Varrock. While you are still here be certain to head to the south-east and steal a cup of tea from the tea cart. Also I noticed one other thing in the game RuneScape- the word favor/favour. Head straight west until you see an area in your mini-map which is greener than the rest of the land. Enter the house where you would go upstairs to spin flax into bow strings. Karamja Talk to Yanni Salika in Shilo Village (north of the bridge). Do not ask if you can use our guides or images, the answer is and always will be NO! 4. Go to the back of his house and pick up five pigeon cages for Horvik. From here head north-west to the road and then eastward into Draynor Village. A: Go back to the antique store and buy one. Troll Romance. Waterfall Quest. P. Pirate's Treasure(OSR) ($1.99 $2.18) Plague City(OSR) ($2.69 $6.24) The walkthrough will alert you if there are any impending encounters where any combat items may be necessary. Be careful though. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Q: How many keys can I place on the key ring? Headquarters. By buying our services you acknowledge that you may be breaking the official rules of the game. After a few seconds, he will ask why you seem upset; it was only a small favour. Shilo Village. All the noise is scaring off the "flappers". He just needs one ingredient, iron oxide. cult and pick the lock on the trapdoor. In the north-eastern section of the cave is a small chamber. Head back to Yanni's antique shop and speak to him. Access to the Stores and Bank in the Guild, the Guild Store has stocks of the Shield Right Half of a Dragon Square Shield, Mithril Seeds, Maze Key, Dusty Keys, Silverlight (might be more). Anyone is welcome to participate, whether you're completely new to the wiki or you've been here for a while.If you have not edited before, then this is a great time to get involved! In another brief cinematic, you will see the lights brighten up and the work is now completed (Picture). Other: Ability to defeat Slagilith (Level-92). Besides, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates. Talk to Seravel and purchase a ticket for the 'Lady of the Waves'. Q: Can you remove keys from the key ring once attached? If you see this guide on any other site, please report it to us so we can take legal action against anyone found stealing our content.

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