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feeling alone and unloved in marriage

You only have control over yourself, and the only person you can change is you. During the earlier part of our marriage and shortly after the 12 year old was born I went back to school to switch careers. I’ve invested time and money. I am at a cross roads with him, I want to leave, but I’m worried about the kids. I don’t feel like a husband. Scheduling Conflicts. He says that we have grown apart, the therapist calls it a disconnect. Now I don’t believe I get mad very often but when I do-you know it. Then move on if all that is worth while has passed. I keep trying and pursuing but it goes no where. While this all has been going on, I found out that he has another relationship going on with a very powerful woman in an official position for the past 10 years and is also engaged to her. The very moment you let her walk all over you and your feelings the very first time was the day you unknowing tattooed “WELCOME” across your forehead. To be viewed as the housekeeper, laundress, and child care?!?! Bless your heart! On my own where I am no longer riddled with doubt because he disappears into the tv or computer instead of wanting to spend time with me. I can’t afford to live on my own with our son. Or is your life a constant round of washing, cooking, bathing the kids, driving them around etc? Tragic as it may seem, this is pretty common in today’s world. MARRIAGE: What’s Your Husband’s Greatest Fear? Do you read? I fear there may have been a level of disconnection from the GET-GO. The couple who participated in the live marriage counseling session didn’t even realize they were doing this common relationship dance. . Now he leaves his phone lying around for me to see. I had my cards read one time and what she said hit home. Cut a long story short, I’ve asked for a trial separation… so we’re going our separate ways, for as long as need be, however honestly.. Dr. John Gottman, psychologist and relationship researcher of over 40 years, lists stonewalling as one of the elements in his classic cluster of. This is not the place for a full Biblical discussion of divorce, but the Bible presents a very high standard. warning signs in a relationship in trouble, The International Center for Excellence in EFT,, The International Centre for Excellence in EFT, Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, The International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy, The International Centre for Excellent in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime, International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love together, The Centre for Excellence In Emotionally Focused Therapy, old Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, The International Centre for Excellence in EFT’s website, The book Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, Signs of an Impending Marriage Dissolution - William Troost Ekong. According to the couples therapist, this is a very common interaction or “marriage dance” between married couples. What he telling you are excuses. I just don’t know what to do. Please feel free to connect with me via email and check us out in Facebook @ Time Out Spa Lounge. Most of the time it 10 or maybe 15 mins. My bestfriend, my husband, is confused and so am I. I don’t know what to do. I’ve this man the best years of my life for what? Hi, I need help.Two years or so ago, my husband came home very drunk. Now what? The healthier and more grounded I am spiritually, the more open I am to emotional connection in my marriage. My wife uses the excuse that it’s my job, all the time basically. Sometimes in counseling, it’ll feel like I’m not being heard, so being reminded about keeping a journal is a relief. It is a diservice to men that want to connect on a deeper level but are stymied by the women they love. I am a survivor. I wish you the best in whatever decision you make. Well, you can’t… not without being ready to toss the whole relationship. Many women feel like their husband just wants to stick it in and get off, unfortunately many women can’t get off that way. You don’t need to break up. Lastly I don’t blame it all on him, I attracted this, I tolerated this… and I learned that this is due to the fact, that this relationship with him is in sync with my childhood family dynamic, not being seen, heard, listened to, understood, used, and just invisible to basically my entire family. All this is saying is that I need to change my expectations. Some women make friends by doing volunteer work, joining book clubs or hiking groups, joining a church or spiritual organization, or taking continuing education classes. On the other hand I would love a husband like that my husband is like your wife. Unless you aren’t, but that is a completely different issue to address. This is horrible. And it’s especially for you that we look into the Bible today. I tried to stop pursuing my husband and he didn’t notice. I hope it helps, and welcome your thoughts. Thanks for your comment. I can only control me. How would you feel about letting go of what you want from your marriage, and accepting your husband the way he is? Still wearing the holey shoes – their work shoes and I work in a court house. Do I wait around for him to get back on the wagon, or do I keep it moving? Feeling unloved in marriage can be lethal. It’s been at least one time this year, and just a few times last year. It’s will be hard but trust me I did it with my husband and it worked. I’m just tired of it. How to speak up. I found an interesting research study that describes how emotional disconnection affects married couples. The constant rejection has been going on for some time. Has anyone heard this excuse? My marriage has pretty much always been this way. She feels terribly alone in her marriage, and emotionally disconnected. The start of a relationship is loving, fun and sexy. I have to sugess everything besides work and fridends thats it yet still he thinks that its ok for him to get sex when he wants it. You have to keep going. I’ve been married for 6 years My husband and I have 3 young children. He does not pursue me to resolve these issues, so now we have 20 years of small and probably big issues that need to be resolved. I say yes lets go. Yesterday, we were at the grocery and he stared at this women every chance he got. I’m ready do say “I don’t have a husband” because I don’t! I know he loves me so much he does everything for us but I am to the point I just don’t want to be touched or anything because no matter how many times he says “I will try” to give more affection he never does. Then I left and went to work…I called him and told him what I did-said I was sorry. Also I suspect that he has a relationship with a prostitute. When i was on the meds they worked to well and shut everything off emotionally, except hostility. i have a Strong feeling that the broken heart and trust can never be back, though he has ditched me i still try to make our relationship better but he doesnt give me a hand to walk along .He doesnt care, Love or have any emotions towards me. Don’t lie to yourself. Here’s what I noticed. I also don’t want to take away the only fahter figure my kids have just because I am feeling lonely – I don’t want to punish them for my feelings…. I just let it go, but I was saving for a pair of shoes, mine have holes in them. I was afraid and wasn’t sure of my options in my community. long massage or similar. I know what your problem is since we’ve lived the exact same life. My girlfriend Just left me after years of being together. Not only is this key for a healthy marriage, it’s crucial for a life of joy and peace. He’s made ZERO effort yet given myriad excuses and promises. So how do you stop the dance and reconnect with your husband? Others challenge themselves by pursuing a different career or going back to school. When people feel loved, they are more likely to be generous with their feelings in return. Sometimes people who aren’t trustworthy will call themselves a counsellor and say they’ll give free internet counseling…and then they try to sell you some sort of service or package. But he is the guy who walks behind me, stands behind the group, doesn’t openly share affection with me. I am a Christian I understand being patient and hanging in ,but for how long when your spouse is selfish? Barbara and I feel its dividing tug in our relationship when we have disagreements and misunderstandings. You say your husband needs space, so he can figure out what he wants. Please keep in mind that husbands need respect like wives need love. It breaks my heart. Today I want to explore that void within you. I said that we should see a counselor, and she says we can try on our own first. I’ve been with my bf for 14 years five kids started at the age of 13 of course it has not been easy after he walked out two years ago for a whole year we are tryin at it again for the past six months. I just feel so alone in this relationship. For example, Gloria knows her husband listens to her, but he doesn’t respond. I feel I have more than accommodated a need to spend time with his family. And it often helps to write our feelings, because it can bring clarity and insight. When I discussed wanting to have more time she cried and felt hurt. I agree that a relationship with God can help when you feel alone in your marriage. You lost your self-worth in the marriage your there BUT. I thought it was just me, like he resents me for something, but even when I offer to leave him alone with the kids, he refuses. (these words very rarely come from her perspective) I feel so disconnected from her, I help out around the house, cooking, cleaning, gardening, bathtime, bedtime with the kids, (I have an awesome relationship with my sons) I massage her feet when we are watching tv, tickle her back when we are lying in bed, bring home flowers, she knows she can talk to me whenever, i ask if she wants my help or just be a listening ear, I don’t get it, every time we have a chance be intimate, she’s either, tired (like I’m not) has too much on her mind (that she doesn’t want to talk about) or worse, says somethong ‘romantic’ like “alright, get on top of me” or “I suppose you want sex” I love her with all my heart, but this is breaking it. The trouble, of course, is finding time to do that amidst the business of everyday life! MARRIAGE: Choosing to Feel Alone and Unloved. Thank you for sharing your marriages here. This made me feel great about myself in accomplishing a 2nd degree in a new field and doing this while still working full time and taking care of my little one… I felt much happier in our marriage during those years. Before you start telling yourself she always liked it before and not so gently hinting she talk to her Gyno, give some serious thought to your love making. So I started to do some checking and I found out he had been on Craig’s list on casual encounters- I found while he was out of town he tried to get a young lady to come to his hotel to have drinks to see where things would go. I am trying to give him space but I feel that if I don’t fight we will drift away. If you examine your relationship and genuinely can’t see any of the above being the issue, suggest she speak to her doctor regarding her lack of energy and interest. Emotional disconnection feels painful and lonely, but even the best marriages experience it. Here’s what I learned from the lives couples therapy session. I feel so alone. He thinks everything is fine mi cannot get through to him even in theraoy should I leave him. But resisting the feeling can make it feel bigger and harder to handle. She never came and they stopped talking to each other. I tried for years to connect with him, to interest him in connecting with me. We have to stop thinking that life with one relationship is the only way. Incidentally, the reality is, many folks have a second mobile they never disclose. I think the bottom line is that we need to get as emotionally and spiritually healthy as possible. Submission? Sadly, more and more people are feeling unloved in marriage. But, how much can you expect? I don’t know. I made other friends and this led to me having an affair. I felt like he didn’t care what I wanted or thought. It’s such a painful thing. And when I ask him to make more time for us, he says he’s working so much for us (not true. Now divorced, I don’t feel that anymore. What is your goal for your marriage, and how can you start reaching towards that goal today? It is hard to live with someone who is so opposite of me. Convincing someone to give you a second chance may be easier than you think. All that was due to this influx of circstances. The marriage may or may not follow but atleast you will have a better you! He says nothing is wrong, he loves me to bits, etc…but if I don’t feel it, is it really there? Am I really that blind that I can’t see that? Men are visual. If you’re feeling unloved in marriage, you’re not alone, though you likely feel entirely alone, and the pain is unspeakable. Hi all, I just googled this to reassure myself.. yet again, that my feelings are legitimate . I have tried talking to her about my feelings multiple times, she doesn’t listen or seem to care. Thank you so much for your encouragement. Seek an objective perspective. Kids make it hard because they deserve both parents. It’s been over a year now. It may be you’re feeling disconnected … I honestly think he could care less. In the morning he came into the bathroom, asked me how I felt and I blew up I yelled and yelled at him. My husband is busy in his own work and I feel alone in the marriage. So you ask “How can I take back the power I’ve given her over all our lives”? “In my experience, a sexless marriage begins when conversation dies and then it’s a natural progression to physical and spiritual celibacy between two people. In this post, we’ll take a different look at what may be going on underneath the surface when you’re feeling unloved and unwanted by your husband and share a new perspective. It just leads to a fight. Thank you for the information, it is really helpful. I paid for his school. We have two small children and I have followed him half way across the country to a place I’ve never been and know noone and he is all I have here. I almost feel like she’s content with how things are. Also, open up to your partner about how you’re really feeling. You may not know anyone there now, but if you meet other parents and neighbors, you’ll soon have people to talk to. From my perspective, it had everything to do with it. I have been getting that gut feeling that he is texting other women and on some nights when he isn’t with me at my house, he only texts short texts like one word ones. She knows you are there for her every waking minute she has to get a jolt by you not being there all the time for her. Than watch the table turn you do what she is doing to you and show you don’t care you can take it or leave it.

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