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cycling the cascade trail

The 53.2-mile Windigo Pass Alternate follows paved and gravel roads southwest of Bend. The Cascade Skyline links up the best riding between Mt. That was an exciting experience. Easy does it for this leaf-peeping, reservoir bike ride along the Cascade Trail near Nevada City. Happy trails! @@@ STATS… Fruitdale Trailhead to Lyman City Park Total miles – 7.05, Max speed – 14.3, Moving average – 8.7, Total ascent – 66’, Max elevation – 84’ @@@ TRAIL SCORE… On the ToolBear Triple Trail Rating Scale: C +, B, C + = Facilities. Eastbound, we fought a 20 mph headwind with stronger gusts, but by midday the sun came out and the wind died, and it was beautiful. It really works well. Too much loose gravel, crushed rock is too large, several holes and bumps. Sure. Press on. For the next 3 miles the trail is high above Highway 20 in the woods. The sectors closer to Sedro Woolley and I-5 and population are probably better. Overall great trail and it's well maintained. If desired, you can do a loop trip with one leg on SR 20, which has 4’ shoulders and good riding. For the rock hounds and geology enthusiasts among us, see and for the history, see If you want to make a loop trip instead of doing the back-and-forth or hitching a ride on the bus for one way, there is a potential of making a 60-mile loop by taking the South Skagit Highway, crossing the river on bridges in Concrete and on SR 9 in Sedro-Woolley. Trail needs to be advertised a bit more -- during 2 days we’ve met 6 people bicycling. Section 1 begins at the Canadian/U… At (9.92) {N48.52406;W121.95027} [11] is a bridge over Alder Creek. Biking the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail: Renslow to the Columbia. Few riders and hikers on the trail. Our mileage count for this trip report starts from the Senior Center (0.00). Check a map, before you. Evidently the Skagit County politicians are supportive of rail-trails!-Russ", TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails conservancy, We're a non-profit all about helping you enjoy the outdoors, Polte Rd. These winding trails are perfect for walking, jogging or biking. They are often hidden in the grass and range from depressions to straight sided sink holes. Trail needs a bit of cleanup. Due to heavy snow, North Cascades Highway/State Route 20 in North Cascades National Park is usually closed mid-November to mid-April, though the park remains open with limited access. The Cascade Trail runs 22.5 miles in length and connects Sedro Woolley and Concrete. The washouts look like what happens when culverts get stuffed with debris. Hood all the way to Crater Lake National Park. Looks like the creek flooded. Get bored. Eschew this option. Take a week off and explore it if you have the time. Next time, I will stage at Lyman. Picnic tables, benches, a great view and who knows what is next. The first day we started in Concrete and slowly made our way west stopping every 10th of a mile or so to find a geocache. Scenery = C+ This sector is mainly a forest ride, so lots of shade and not much in views other than trees up close. Try it when the rains come and the swamp floods. His average is usually 7-8 mph. This sector - not anytime soon. At (16.12) {N48.52373;W122.08213} is the most scenic bench [17] of the entire trail with a nice view of the river. Lyman City Park is 1.1 miles east of you. What a nice parking lot – thick shade and a creek running down the middle. The surface is crushed rock and there is adequate parking … I could almost imagine being back down south again with the trees overarching the trail. I'd rate this trail as ""5"" on a scale of 10. We had fun, trail was nice. The two detours are easily managed. I did this coming back and it went well. Not bad riding. I rode a hybrid bike, and had little difficulty with the trail surface. There are no facilities at Silo Park (north of the silos) which is now a town park (not a county park). We looked forward to a relaxing place...not so. Your donations will help tremendously! Class A facilities require deep pockets. Sign up and get new stories and inspiration delivered right to you. When I returned there was a caterer at the BBQ shelter, cars and trucks pulled in all around the park and people everywhere having a good time. What a change from those namby-pamby blacktop trails. (ToolBear loves bridges, tunnels and trestles.) If the small gravel parking lot is filled, pull in along the edges of the park, as the locals do. Looking for some fun biking? The area at mile 4.8, near Minker Creek, is abominable. Need to cut the grass in the trail. At 15.8, just past the RR 29 mile marker, starts a scenic stretch of trail with a nice view of the mighty Skagit River [15] [16] (Skagit River is the third largest River on the west coast of the U.S.). Rather doubt that. They weren't truely "wild" , just somebodys dogs living nearby trail. About 100’ west beyond the trail gate is another portaloo. Black top, good facilities, etc. If you are here in the spring, when the creeks are high, you are probably in trouble. (N48 32.518 W121 49.199) the culvert is now about 200’ down the debris plume. at GPS: N48 31.357 W122 07.864. Rainier National Park turn-off, the route runs south through many miles of national forest land on lightly-trafficked roads to the wind surfing area of the Columbia Gorge. Above average. Tell us about it. Heading east on this historic rail trail (part of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad from 1909 to 1980), travelers pass lush, vast Olallie State Park, with its waterfalls and seasonal colors. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Hood. Although a trip report by toolbear posted on August 27, 2009 already contained some nice pictures, I have added another 22 more up to date and geo-coded pictures with this report covering the entire length of the trail. No horses. Another loop or Figure 8 trip is possible along SR20 but I would not want to ride on SR20 under any circumstances as suggested by other trip reports. The destination trail around here is the Snohomish Centennial one county south. It has better scenery and less traffic. As of Sept 4, 2017 the landslide blocking the trail west of Concrete had still not been cleared. To reach the midpoint Birdsview trailhead from Cook Road, follow SR 20 for 17.3 miles, and turn left onto Baker Lake Road. The swamp crossing and some bits of blowout repair get Ds. At (3.05) {N48.54236;W121.80791} is a picnic table [7] above a vinyard. For the next 3 miles one is tempted to trade the gravel trail for smooth asphalt pavement and use Lyman-Hamilton Road which parallels the trail to the "city" of Lyman. Plan to do the upper half from Lyman to concrete later this fall. To reach the Concrete trailhead from I-5, follow Cook Road 4.3 miles west. Rode in summer of 2013. The mountains and deserts surrounding Bend, Oregon, are a cycling paradise. I have ventured out onto this trail at least 20 times in the last year on my hybrid bicycle, having rode it's entirety twice, usually doing 15-20 miles. THE TRAIL HAS BEEN BRUSHED... Can't answer for the rest of it, but this section between the swamp and Hamilton has been brushed and sprayed. You can pedal out to the fences at either end, then backtrack 170’ or so and look for the gravel path taking you out to the Lyman – Hamilton Rd. and then on Capehorn Rd. If I lived in those bottoms, I’d live on a houseboat moored to pilings in the yard. Skagit River was beautiful and very close-by the first half of trip going up. Sadly, as I was heading back to Rasar, I smelled/saw smoke and heard crackling in the brush between Highway 20 and the trail.I called 911 to report. On the east side you'll be traveling through orchard country, where the roads will get busier during harvest times. Explorers continue through the mountain pass into dark tunnels and over high trestles, until the landscape gives way to the amber-hued farmlands of eastern Washington. You'll climb into the Sierra Nevada south of Lake Tahoe (more passes), then stay at slightly higher elevations along U.S. 395. On maps #16, #17, and #18, Forest Rd. trailhead and then up to the trail head itself. Some exposures, technical rocky steep sections, 1' drops, and some … Explore the best rated trails in Cascade, ID. At the landslides in the cliffy area west of Concrete they just blew through the debris instead of clearing the whole trail bed or even cutting down to grade. Search the internet for available shuttle services. Expect a couple detours; a little less than three-quarters of the way in, the trail diverts at Baker Lake Road onto a bridge walkway along SR 20, crosses Grandy Creek, and returns via Bird Dog Lane. A sign points to the Concrete Historic Byway and explains the history of the town and the silos [6]. Power and water have been installed. Aside from the damaged areas, the majority of the trail bed is in good shape. @@@ STATS… Minkler Lake Slough to SR 20 Total miles – 8.89, Max speed – 13, Moving average – 7.3, Total ascent – 84’, Max elevation – 121’ @@@ TRAIL SCORE… On the ToolBear Triple Trail Rating Scale: C -/B/B C - = Facilities. We crossed many small bridges and stopped for numerous photo ops (100 pics +). Tippy toe across with the bike riding on a second board. It is far more comfortable on a trike. Gravel costs $$$. It should be interesting. going west. You can check road opening dates on the California Department of Transportation's website listed on the map. The 9-mile out-and-back pedal along the Cascade Canal Trail hugs the water’s edge, flanked by … All busses have bike racks. Head east on Cook Road for 4.3 miles. Altogether, the trails … We parked the van at the end of the trail – the Senior Center in Concrete (GPS: N48 32.309 W121 44.898). We just did the Cascade Trail and enjoyed it very much! It's difficult to find camping without reservations in Yosemite, King's Canyon, and Sequoia parks. Water ponds, goes over the top, cuts down and down and down. Once past the wetland, the next feature is Minkler Lake. Once you cross to the eastern side of the Cascades, the route will be rolling and following river valleys until Blewett Pass. Treat it like a mountain bike single track and pick a good line. The trail ends at Concrete Senior Center (after passing concrete silos and crossing E Avenue). There is new gravel and a barrier of stumps and snags in the river at the repair. The maps list churches that have opened their doors to cyclists, but they aren't all that closely spaced. I thought I was going to get some great shots of the wreckage. No pain in the rump, wrists, neck, etc. There was a washed out bridge but all you had to do was get on Lyman Hamilton Hwy (small country road really) for about 30 yards or so and then back on the trail.

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