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best beach towns in costa rica

There are many buses that offer transportation from the town to Jaco Beach. You will need to walk for about 30 minutes from the park’s entrance to Manuel Antonio Beach. Manuel Antonio is also home to the famous squirrel monkeys that fall under the category of endangered species. Situated a short drive from the famous Manuel Antonio National Park, Playa Dominical is well-known as a surfers paradise. Tamarindo offers up a great and easy surf break, perfect for those wanting to learn. Costa Rica is Among the Best Places to Live in Latin America. You can also hike to a set of scenic … The most popular beach destination on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast is Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. Puerto Viejo is a popular town among backpackers on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. There are a number of surf shops and surf camps here, as well as lush green landscape and jungle-lined mountains that make Playa Dominical unique in every way. There is also a. you can take from San Jose that will cost around $10. Sansa Airlines offers daily trips from SJO to Manuel Antonio for about $100 person, just beware they have strict weight restrictions. One of the largest and most popular beach and surf towns in Costa Rica is Tamarindo in the Guanacaste region. Just west of the beach is imposing Punta Catedral (Cathedral Point), a rocky headland shielding the beach from powerful waves. TCRN STAFF-Modified date: November 12, 2020. Also, thermal sensation will be much higher. I also found an incredible humidity guide that will help you manage the humidity levels in your home. to Paquera which departs about 6 times a day. I’m here to encourage you to pursue your dreams of travel and show you how it is possible. You will love the chilled out vibes on the Peninsula. It is a great location to recharge your batteries, enjoy a quiet vacation, and escape from the hectic world back home. A perfect destination for those looking to take a break from their daily routines to hang out on a beach swim beneath a waterfall or hike around a volcano. to Nosara that leave twice daily from Liberia. Over this time I have lived in Costa Rica, France and Bali just to name a few. With so many great options to choose from, here is a list of my favorite top beach towns in Costa Rica. If you are looking for a romantic dinner or just some tasty food. Most everything in the beach town of Tamarindo can be explored on foot. Costa Rica has so much to offer, but how do you know what town is right for you? If you like going for long walks, the park features several hiking trails that lead to many other beaches. You can arrange a beginner … Costa Rica Fully Opens Air Operations After 3 Months Of Gradual Opening. It is about a 2.5-hour drive from the airport and it is beautiful. Playa Conchal is just a quick hour drive from. The park features 680 hectors of protected land with plentiful hiking trails. Nosara beach is also suitable for beginner surfers and there are several rental shops to pick up surfing gear. Make sure to visit the nearby Tortuguero National Park where you will have a chance to see several endangered species such as manatees, tapirs, and ocelots. I have sailed the seven seas working for the rich and famous on Superyachts! Depending on the tides, there might some river crossings you will have to go through. About Me… Over 11 years ago I decide to leave my high paying job behind to pursue a different kind of life, one full of adventure and travel. Most visitors go to places like Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio, Santa Teresa, Arenal, Monteverde, and San José.However, there are many underrated and overlooked towns and cities to incorporate into future Costa Rican adventures. From Puntarenas take the Southern 70 minute ferry, to Paquera which departs about 6 times a day. From there you can take a 45 min taxi for around $40. Featuring interesting dark volcanic sand, Puerto Viejo was until recently one of the best-kept secrets in the country. Since the water is crystal clear, snorkeling is one of the main activities and there are amazing underwater rock formations to explore. If you don’t want to rent a car there is a. that leaves from San Jose twice a day for around $50. I have broken down my favorite top 8 beach towns in Costa Rica; what they are best for, where to eat, and where to stay. It’s not perfect for swimming due to the bigger waves, but there are plenty of other activities in the area. It is surrounded by a tropical rainforest and there are no waves here, so the beach is perfect for easy swimming. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A variety of underwater discoveries can be made on the beach and there are no surfers here. Travelers who have had enough of sunbathing and surfing for the day can check out some of the bars, souvenir stands, and restaurants in the area. Getting to Uvita is not the easiest. Source: Jorge Alejandro Russell / shutterstock. Montezuma town is famous for its great nightlife and features a number of clubs and bars to choose from. Today many beach towns in Costa Rica are well established for those looking to relocate to towns with some of the same comforts of home in a tight-knit community with plenty of nature. Situated on a beautiful coastline, Montezuma beach is one of the most interesting beaches in the country. The Guanacaste Beaches are the ultimate tropical paradises in Costa Rica, offering a perfect combination of lush scenery, pristine beaches and clear waters that are perfect for fishing, swimming, diving and surfing. It is a small town, so if you are looking for nightlife this might not be the place for you. Manuel Antonio is Costa Rica’s most visited beach destination, with the national park of the same name drawing sold-out crowds most days. Beach at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort. Josh Linnes, an American ex-pat living in Costa Rica chooses the best and most beautiful places to visit in Costa Rica… Playa Uvita – a unique beach in a national park shaped like a whale’s tail . As a result, this destination on the central Pacific can get crowded, especially during high season from December to April. I highly recommend. Visiting the park you will see the endangered white-faced monkeys, toucans, three-toed sloths, and a wide range of birds. The great news is that the weather here is perfect year-round and it rains only for 2 to 3 months. Playa Biesanz offers solitude close to the tourist areas. Everyone who is into watersports, eating, nightlife, and especially surfing, will find Jaco Beach and Jaco town a perfect destination for an unforgettable summer vacation. TCRN STAFF-Modified date: November 7, 2020. Bus: If you are on a budget then take the, o Puntarenas. If you are a solo traveler or just looking for a cheap bed, If you have been looking for a good burger while you were in Costa Rica you can’t miss, If you are looking for a hardy breakfast without breaking the bank, If you want to go where the locals go to watch the sunset then check out, Not only offering up cheap food the whole family can enjoy, If you are looking for a Bed and Breakfast with stunning ocean views, the, One of the best hostels I have stayed in since Costa Rica has been. Topping many lists as the best place to retire, it has a fantastic climate, a thriving culture, and an affordable cost of living. You will find only one hotel close to the beach, the upscale Westin Playa Conchal Resort. Arenal Volcano National Park: For walkers and nature lovers. If you are looking for a location close to the waterfalls, Some of the best Italian food in Costa Rica has been at, If you are looking for a fun and unique experience I highly recommend. from San Jose to Santa Teresa that will take you the whole way there. Travelers, who are not into surfing, can swim on the beach, snorkel, and go for long walks on several hiking trails. The oldest and best shop in Tamarindo is Iguana Surf so be sure to book a lesson. The water on the beach is constantly warm and the coral seascape is perfect for snorkeling. Manuel Antonio is one of the top destinations in Costa Rica and one of the best beach towns in Costa Rica. The opening of the Costa Rican air … Unfortunately, the world has recently started to discover this place and there are more and more tourists coming here each season. The drive itself is about 4 hours from either LIR or SJO, and you are going to want a 4×4 vehicle. However, if you enjoy staying and eating at the resort then you won’t need one. Take some time going through each of these and decide which of them sounds the most appealing. Turrialba. Costa Rica is home to several mega beach resorts, Manuel Antonio Beach: Simon Dannhauer / shutterstock, Tamarindo Beach: Max Herman / shutterstock, Playa Santa Teresa: ronnybas / shutterstock, Playa Flamingo: cleanfotos / shutterstock, Playa Conchal: Colin D. Young / shutterstock, Playa Dominical: Lauren Orr / shutterstock, Jaco Beach: Jorge Alejandro Russell / shutterstock, Playa Guiones In Nosara, Costa Rica: Colin D. Young / shutterstock, Playa Biesanz: Andrzej Rostek / shutterstock. Well, let’s just say that Playa Samara is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, with its fine white sand, tropical vegetation, and diverse marine life. Perfect 10 day itinerary to cover all of Costa Rica, Packing List for Costa Rica: 15 Essential Items You Can’t Forget, Located right on the beach and the center of town the, If you want a great location at a low price. The beach itself is great for surfers, but you won’t see any families with children due to huge year-round waves. It is one of the best surfing beaches in the country and features giant waves which are large enough to make this beach a place where international surf competitions are held. If you are a backpacker and on a budget, this is not the place to come. With so many epic beach towns in Costa Rica, you can’t go wrong. Uvita is great for those travelers looking for a peaceful beach town, but also want a little adventure. The park is well-known for its crocodile filled canals and lush rainforests. There are several accommodation options close to Tamarindo Beach and some of the hotels offer discounts for nearby watersports rentals. Hopefully, this guide will help you find the perfect destination beach town in Costa Rica for you. Costa Rica is a country filled with stunning natural landscapes and great coffee. Head out to the nearby Las Baulas National Park which is home to the famous leatherback sea turtles that nest on some of the beaches in the area between October and February. From the airport take a taxi to the Tracopa Bus station for around $12, you can get a direct bus to Manual Antonio/Quepos for around $9. The beach is protected by a bay and in the middle there is a small deserted island of Isla Chora that is full of birdlife. You can normally get an airport shuttle for about $25 a person. With beautiful beaches, safe towns, affordable real estate and a thriving expat community, Costa Rica is one of the most amazing places you can live. While many beaches in Costa Rica feature dark sand, Montezuma, on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, has a long golden stretch called Playa Montezuma. From Paquera Santa Teresa is about a 1.5-hour shuttle or bus ride. Just be aware that if you take the. Tamarindo is one of the best beach towns in Costa Rica because of their stunning sunsets, plentiful restaurants, and several surf breaks for all levels. Some to the roads are not paved and can be pretty bumpy, especially in the rainy season from May- October. Be careful before you drive through them, depending on the tides they can be too deep. This is the perfect relaxing beach, which is why it is on the list of  the best beach towns in Costa Rica. There are not too many tourists here and you should expect to find only a few locals chilling under the shady palm trees. They also have more advanced breaks for … Known for its cheap prices and nightlife, it is easy to see why backpackers are drawn here. It also offers stunning waterfalls just outside of town. You will also find a couple of great seaside joints close to the beach including the Tsunami Restaurant which offers amazing sushi. This small beach eco lodge lodge in Costa Rica may have the most beautiful spot in all of Santa Teresa. The beach doesn’t get overcrowded, as many tourists go to popular Guanacaste Beach and Playa Brasilito. Manuel Antonio is about 4 1/2 hours from SJO Airport. It is also one of the few places where expats can buy land and property. From the airport take a taxi to the Tracopa Bus station for around $12, you can get a direct bus to Manual Antonio/Quepos for around $9. It has beautiful beaches with waves for all surfing abilities. Be sure to take a yoga class. You will find out quickly that the beach areas in Costa Rica not only have a higher humidity percentage than the Central Valley. offers daily trips from SJO to Manuel Antonio for about $100 person, just beware they have strict weight restrictions. In case you get hungry, this beach town offers plenty of unique restaurants and small shops where you can order food. They also have a sloth sanctuary where you can learn everything you want to know about them. “ In Costa Rica "beach front" is a little different than Mexico "beach front" In costa rica beaches are exclusively public property right up to where the sand stops. The best way is to fly into, From there either rent a car and make the 4-hour journey yourself, or take a, for around $55 a person, or local bus for about $12. In case you are visiting Tamarindo Beach over the weekends, when it gets super-crowded, consider checking out the lovely neighboring beach of Langosta. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great happy hour spot to enjoy the end of your day. Thank you for reading this article on the top best beach towns in Costa Rica. National Geographic named Playa Guiones one of the … Before you go be sure to check out my blog post on What to pack for Costa Rica. The town of Jaco is located just a 2-hour drive from San Jose and offers a vibrant nightlife, a couple of casinos, and several international dining options. If you are looking for a small city that has an established infrastructure, this is the one for you. The best way to get to Puerto Viejo is to fly into, If you are renting a car, it is about a 3.5-hour drive from the airport. Offering up some great Asian inspired dishes, If you are looking for fresh seafood you have to check out. The village of Nosara is located on Nicoya Peninsula and is an undeveloped piece of paradise, surrounded by tropical vegetation and miles and miles of pristine beaches. It doesn’t come as a surprise since the pink-gray sands are some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most-visited in Costa Rica, and its white-sand beaches are simply gorgeous. Located on Nicoya Peninsula in the small town of Santa Teresa, Playa Santa Teresa is an isolated beach surrounded by a lush tropical jungle. From Paquera Santa Teresa is about a 1.5-hour shuttle or bus ride. Learn more about relative humidity here. If you are a surfer enjoy the surf breaks or just enjoy the peace Nosara has to offer. 9 places you must visit in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is known for its beautiful beaches, friendly people, eco-tours, and adrenaline filled tours. The town, once a sleepy fishing village, is popular with bohemian types and is home to Romelia Wildlife Reserve, a turtle sanctuary and hatchery. Caribbean-style cooking, surfing, plentiful wildlife, and some of the most gorgeous beaches in the country are just a few of the reasons to visit. Travelers who like beaches with good facilities will be happy to hear that Costa Rica is home to several mega beach resorts, while visitors who wish to have some privacy can check out the untouched shorelines of Costa Rica. The are scores of restaurants found here cater to expats and tourists. Playa Conchal, or Shell Beach in English, is by far the prettiest white sand beach in Costa Rica. The quaint beach town of Montezuma is definitely one of Costa Rica’s most underrated spots. This 2-kilometres long grey sandy beach is also perfect for windsurfing, jet-skiing, kayaking, and sailboarding. as Cahuita is on the Caribbean side in the South. The Guanacaste Beaches. Shops, tour operators, and restaurants are only a short walk from the beach. Located on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, Santa Teresa is one of my favorite spots to catch some good waves and enjoy great food. Bus: Unfortunately there is no local bus at the moment to Nosara. This whole area used to be frequently visited by whales, but today, they have been replaced by a lot of tourists. This stunning beach, part of Manuel Antonio National Park, has long been considered one of Costa Rica’s best beaches. After a long day of surfing, Tamarindo offers up some world-class restaurants and nightlife for all budgets. Whether it is just for weekend getaways or you want to make a lifestyle change. Manuel Antonio is a great peaceful beach town if you are looking to do more than just sit on a beautiful beach all day long. If you are renting a car, it is about a 3.5-hour drive from the airport. You will find many divers, surfers, and backpackers on this amazing beach which is ideal for sunbathing. You can also check out my blog on the Top 10 Things to do in Tamarindo. I recommend renting a car if you are staying here. The location is serene and peaceful away from any noise experienced in the main town. If you are looking to relax for a few days, this is the place for you. it probably will take longer as they make frequent stops. If you don’t want to rent a car there is a shuttle that leaves from San Jose twice a day for around $50. Bus: If you are on a budget then take the bus to Puntarenas. You might just find yourself getting ready to pack everything up and move. Get more travel inspiration, tips and exclusive offers sent straight to your inbox with our weekly newsletter . Also if you are looking for the Perfect 10 day itinerary to cover all of Costa Rica. The height of the volcano is 1670 m above sea level. Costa Rica is all about natural beauty and there are many small towns to visit. Costa Rica has long been famous for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Book some adventure tours or just hang out at the resort the whole time. It may be a small country in land mass, but Costa Rica is one of the world’s biggest natural playgrounds. 5. That is why we have put together the following list of the 20 best places to live in Costa Rica. You can’t go to Cahuita without eating at the. If you are a backpacker and on a budget, this is not the place to come. Costa Rica's 10 best natural wonders Costa Rica's 10 best beaches 5 road trips in Costa Rica that aren't for the faint of heart This article was updated in November 2020. Luckily, this huge resort is hidden away from tree-lined Playa Conchal and doesn’t spoil its natural feel. Manuel Antonio. You won’t find a lot of tourists and high-end resorts here and this area is more for adventurous travelers. It is easily overlooked by the neighboring town of Puerto Viejo. Another way to get to Playa Conchal is by shuttle service from the airport that will take you straight to your hotel. The water on the beach is constantly warm and the coral seascape is perfect for snorkeling. It also makes for a nice stop for those who are backpacking down to Bocas del Torro in Panama, because it is close to the border. They have about 6 different buses a day and the total journey takes about 5 hours. You won’t find many hotels or restaurants here, but if you are searching for immaculate beaches that are safe for swimming, Tambor is the place to go to. If you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing place to stay in Puerto Viejo, If you are looking for a rustic tree house vibe you will want to stay at, If you are looking for a private room in a hostel or you just don’t want to stay in a party hostel then. Although Tambor is not very easy to get to and it requires some effort to reach it, the experience is totally worth the extra exercise. It is the perfect location for anyone that enjoys bird watching or is looking to add more rain forests to their holiday. Most of these beaches look absolutely stunning and it’s no wonder that every year there are more and more people coming here for their vacation. You must check out their local national park where you are likely to see sloths.

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