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redpointe maple vs autumn blaze

When bark becomes included, there is less wood in the connection between the branch and main stem causing a weakness (See the image below). They are often referred to as a soft maple because they damage easily in wind storms. Both trees have brilliant fall color, but there are a few differences between the sienna glen and autumn blaze maple. This is a very common deciduous tree in North America. Varieties such as autumn fantasy or sienna glen have the same desirable attributes, but have better form and therefore incur less storm damage. The dense clusters of showy red flowers appear on male trees every year in early spring before their leaves appear. The red maple produces fruit and flowers every year, and both are consistently red, which is the source of the tree's common name. The autumn blaze maple (Acer x freemanii 'Jeffersred') is a hybrid of the silver maple (Acer saccharinum) and red maple (Acer rubrum). Acer × freemanii, commonly called Freeman maple, is a hybrid of red maple (A. rubrum) ... ‘Jeffersred’, sold under the trade name of AUTUMN BLAZE, is an older cultivar that was discovered by nurseryman Glenn Jeffers in the late 1960s. Your mileage may vary. I also have a Sunset Red Maple that produces seeds every other year, one reason why it's planted further from my house (about 110' away). Attributes This tree: Provides superior fall color, with leaves turning vibrant shades of orange and red. The branch on the left is closer to 90 degrees and is strong. The branch angle on the right is narrow (acute), resulting in the bark becoming included resulting in a weak branch. It was first grown and developed by Poplar Farms, Inc. of Batavia. I've spent waaaay too long looking at photos and reading info, and I think that's the one I'm leaning toward. It is a popular medium- to large-sized deciduous tree whose leaves, as its name implies, turn bright shades of red and orange in the fall. Anonymous: Anonymous wrote: Anonymous wrote:No experience with Red Sunset, but I love our October Glory. World traveler, professional writer and consummate gardener, Spengler earned a BA from U.C. Given sufficient sun, water and elbow room, this ornamental tree spreads to 50 feet wide. Comparing red maple to Autumn Blaze maple is a little like comparing apples to oranges. Great for autumn colour. Cultivated, red maple may grow to 70 feet tall, although it can achieve 120 feet in the wild. As a variety, red maple grows wild in a range extending from eastern Canada south to Florida and west to Texas. Autumn Blaze Freeman Maple was the first freeman maple marketed which is one reason I believe it is so well known. The Freeman maple cultivars commonly sold in commerce today reportedly combine some of the best features of both parents, namely, solid structure, attractive form and showy fall color (from red maple) and adaptability and rapid growth (from silver maple). Tolerates the alkaline soils of urban areas and of Southern Wisconsin. The problem is Autumn Blaze Maples do suffer from storm damage easily. the plantings are now three foot or so tall and healthy . In the development of Red Maple selections hybrization with Silver Maple may occur to varying degrees. Red maple's 2- to 5-inch leaves remain green through spring and summer, but fall foliage color isn't consistent between individuals and may be bright yellow, orange or red, or a combination of the three, depending on the tree. Virginia Tech Dendrology: Red Maple, Aceraceae, Acer Rubrum L. UC Davis: Special Report for the Elvenia J. Slosson Endowment Fund: Table 2. From the tree selection program at JFS run by now-retired Product Development Director Keith Warren, Redpointe maple was selected as an improvement over other trees on the market.

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