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iowa teaching standards portfolio template

Teaching Portfolio May 24 2011 - Writing Full Template My Teaching Portfolio: I have included… Another task that has been required by the state is to prepare and keep updated a ESL Program Manual, or more recently known as the, Iowa ELP (English Language Proficiency Standards). A classroom is made up from a collection of students from diverse backgrounds and capabilities. One can never possibly know all the words that he/she will come across. Welcome to Laura Wong’s Graduate Teaching Portfolio! I am currently a student teacher at the University of Northern Iowa. Collaborates with students, families, colleagues, and communities to enhance student learning. The purpose of this activity is threefold: 1. One of my greatest strengths in managing my classes is really getting to know all of the students so that I can connect with them in a way that matters. 5 STANDARDS: Uses a variety of methods to monitor student learning. These guides provide an example of how a specific grade/content area has approached thinking about the bundling of standards into cohesive units throughout the course of a grade level/course. Applies research, knowledge, and skills from professional development opportunities to improve practice. I have started using for lesson planning and updating. Every year the ELLs take the I-ELDA, the English Language Proficiency Test developed by the state of Iowa. I use a lesson planning template similar to this to help me stay organized with where my students are at within various lessons or units. Sets and communicates high expectations for social, behavioral, and academic success of all students. Participates in and contributes to a school culture that focuses on improved student learning. 3d. Here are a few of the graphic organizers I use in my ESL classes. Format, Length and Template for Teaching Portfolio A template for the Teaching Portfolio can be found on the next page. Hard copy of portfolio. Aligns classroom instruction with local standards and district curriculum. Open this template and modify the opening page to fit your school's requirements. During the 2012-2013 school year, I voluntarily participated in a book study of the book. Uses student's developmental needs, backgrounds, and interests in planning for instruction. Each template is a fully customisable word document that gives opportunity for reflection against the standards as well as justification of evidence. This conference is attended by hundreds of professionals. Teaching Resource: Use this template to create your own professional teaching portfolio when attending interviews for teaching jobs. The Spirit Lake 6th grade team looked at each individual standard and then created what they call "I Can" statements. Click, 6a. Principal Portfolio Artifacts Suggested by SAI The following suggestions about appropriate artifacts to include in a principal’s portfolio are grouped by the Iowa Standards for School Leaders. Demonstrates ability to enhance academic performance and support for implmentation of the school district's student achievement goals. Demonstrates competence in content knowledge appropriate to the teaching position. Demonstrates habits and skills of continuous inquiry and learning. 3d. 1c. I attended the 2013-2014 ICLC in Indianola, Iowa. We have set up a Google doc that has been extremely helpful for all stakeholders. effectively the pedagogical requirements of the second half of student teaching that meant an analysis of how effective the design and instruction of the Medical Unit had on student learning. b. Establishes and implements professional development plans based upon the teacher's needs aligned to the Iowa teaching standards and district/building student achievement goals. Contributes to efforts to achieve district building goals. Standard 1: Demonstrates the ability to enhance academic performance and support for implementation of the school district's student achievement goals. Adheres to board policies, district procedures, and contractual obligations. Whether it is cultural, religious or different family structure, these elements create diversity in the classroom. The Right Tool for the Job – Read a report from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute featuring detailed reviews of nine K-12 ELA/literacy instructional tools, including strengths and weaknesses of each tool. Demonstrates competence in planning and preparing for instruction. Standardized Tests; analyze data, set goals, Incorporates reading strategies, multiple intelligences into lessons, Cooperative Learning, Project-based assessment, Performance Assessment, Parent Communications (phone call log, email log), Lesson Plans, differentiated student work, Lesson plans that fit building/district standards, Teacher documentation of accommodations used, Student work evidence of positive development, Show sample lesson of collaborative activities, Run off copies of books/magazines/Internet used in classroom, Set own teacher goals and long range plans, Date documentation stating completion of background checks/fingerprints, Transcripts from post-grad work In service notes/agendas, District committee/activity documentation. Here is a sample of, 3c. Through my evaluation I am able to see if I am meeting the standards or not as well see what I can change or work on as a teacher to meet my district/building goals as well as making sure my teaching is always aligned to the Iowa teaching standards. Implements strategies supporting student, building, and district goals. Iowa Teaching Standard 4: Criteria a -Aligns classroom instruction with local standards and state curriculum. My second eight weeks of student teaching was spent at Spirit Lake Middle School as a 6th grade math teacher. This EDITABLE Teaching Portfolio comes in a modern and clean design and includes a teaching portfolio cover, portfolio dividers, binder spines, teacher resume template, table of contents page, references page, about me page, blank unit and lesson plan template, teaching phi Each year, teachers are informed of the language proficiency level of their students. Aim. 2d. It includes brief descriptions of what belongs in each section. 2d. Each year, the ESL students' proficiency levels are assessed. The following are actual emails of communication with teachers, students and administration. Works with other staff and building and district leadership in analysis of student progress. In any classroom, there are always those that provide unique challenges. 8c. Guided reading by using nonfiction text with an emphasis on Tier 2 vocabulary as well as building background knowledge are two major goals in the ESL program. We organize all the data so it's easy to manage your portfolio. 8c. Communication with teachers, administration, students and parents is imperative. Uses instructional time effectively to maximize student achievement. I use a lesson planning template similar to. Creates a learning community that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement, and self-regulation for every student. The result of the analysis required summation of information in the form of charts, graphs, data, and tables. ... Common Core State Standards. In an effort to provide the general education teachers with a concise summary of each individual student, I follow a format similar to, 3d. I believe each student is worthy of love and respect. Establishes, communicates, models, and maintains standards of responsible student behavior. If you prefer a hard copy, it needs to look professional with a hard cover, good graphics, and easy-to-read, well-formatted pages. Understanding and applying reading strategies are a great asset for ESL students. - Publishes free reviews of instructional materials, using an educator-designed tool that measures alignment, usability, and other quality criteria.. Browse and download resources, units and lessons by curriculum code or learning area. This part is up to you! Contributes to efforts to achieve district and building goals. Here you will find really useful reflection templates to go in a Teaching Standards Portfolio. This artifact is a piece of document that as a teacher I received to evaluate my own teaching as well as the districts. Check out these examples: Using, you can create your portfolio of teaching standards in an organized fashion. Open this template and modify the opening page to fit your school's requirements. 5d. Holly Ann Garnett - Teaching Portfolio - 2 TEACHING PHILOSOPHY My teaching experiences have ranged from formal course instruction at Nipissing University, a liberal arts college in Ontario, to academic skill development programming at McGill University’s Teaching and Learning Services. 1g. Here is a unit lesson plan developed for a High School Reading class for the book. I intend to have these courses completed at the end of the year 2014. Guides students in goal setting and assessing their own learning. IOWA TEACHING STANDARDS AND CRITERIA 1 STANDARD: Demonstrate ability to enhance academic performance and support for implementation of the school district’s student achievement goals. As a translator for the district, I keep a log of phone calls and parent contacts. When they were satisfied with their results, they scored it and send me a screenshot of their score. scheduled conferences. 7a. Being able to evaluate my teaching is the best way to decide if I am teaching … Knowing where the students are at and where they need to go is a constant juggling challenge. Click for artifact. Standards At-A-Glance Template K-5; Standards at a Glance Template 6-12 Examples. 4b. Not only does it provide a framework for correctly using the English language in an academic setting, it helps increase their comprehension of unfamiliar texts. Stand out from the crowd! There are several examples of bookmarks that are effective for students to practice these skills, but this is my favorite because of the condensed by very precise nature of the questions. A developmental EP will help you gain a broad perspective on your educational activities, plan In this portfolio, I am presenting an overview of my student teaching experience which shows my own understanding of teaching as well as a compilation that will help me define my teaching philosophies and styles. The standards and criteria are already here, all you have to do is fill in the information. Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness in adjusting instruction to meet student needs. Australian Professional Standards for Teaching Standard 1: Know students and how they learn. There are a variety of learning opportunities presented including Keynote Speakers and pull-out general sessions. Further evidence of the learnings from this class are, 7b. Uses student achievement data, local standards, and the district curriculum in planning for instruction. Because of the increasing numbers, it has become important for us to create a system that is manageable for us and administrators. Vocabulary building at every stage of an English Language Learner is imperative. Creates a safe and purposeful learning environment. On the occasional day due to illness or professional requirements, I leave detailed notes for my sub. 2c. An Iowa Teaching Standards portfolio template created by Dr. Leigh Zeitz. This unit was created and taught to specifically meet the the 6th Grade Geometry Standards from the Iowa Core. Create your Iowa Teaching Portfolio online! Communicates assessment criteria and standards to all students and parents. Connects students' prior knowledge, life experiences, and interests in the instructional process. An Iowa Teaching Standards portfolio template created by Dr. Leigh Zeitz. Accepts and demonstrates responsibility for creating a classroom culture that supports the learning of every student. Understands and uses key concepts, underlying themes, relationships, and different perspectives related to the content area. The artifact collection piece will be shown through the use of a portfolio or crate system. I am currently taking courses for the K-8 and 5-12 Reading Endorsement in the state of Iowa. Works collaboratively to improve professional practice and student learning. The Iowa Teaching Standards appear in Iowa Code section 284.3. I recently completed a class on Seamlessly Integrating Technology. Written language development is an area that needs special focus with English Language Learners. Demonstrates an understanding of and respect for all learners and staff. It all depends on what documents, strategies, and techniques you have used during the past 2 years. 5e. SMART Goals and I Can Statements In order to support the district's student achievement… They are included as a way to provide examples, and not intended to be an all-inclusive or proscriptive list. Provides an analysis of student learning and growth based on teacher created tests and authentic measures as well as any standardized and district-wide tests. The state provides a, 6b. Demonstrates competence in planning and preparing for instruction. Changes to the criteria were adopted by the State Board of Education on 5/13/10. This online professional portfolio website is evidence of the skills I learned in that class. Here are some examples- Jot done some notes to reference at home! Even for intermediate students, this activity was a challenge as they need to process and write at a fast speed. Demonstrates competence in classroom management. Provides an analysis of student learning and growth based on teacher created tests and authentic measures as well as any standardized and district-wide tests. 8c. Selects strategies to engage all students in learning. Technology has been a tremendous resource for ELLs. Fulfills professional responsibilities established by the school district. Graphic Organizers are an essential strategy in scaffolding language for ELLs. Engages students in varied experiences that meet diverse needs and promote social, emotional, and academic growth. Classroom management starts with clear expectations. Uses student performance data as a guide for decision making. There is no end to the ways to assess student learning via technology. If you’re still hesitant to design your own teaching portfolio, here’s a template to get you started. The Teacher: a. Develops and implements classroom procedures and routines that support high expectations for student learning. Iowa Department of Education 1 . The Model Criteria were developed by the Iowa Department of Education with input from stakeholders and adopted by the State Board of Education on 5/10/02. Relates ideas and information within and across content areas. This website uses the Edufolios platform to present evidence against the AITSL Graduate Standards and showcase my personal philosophy of teaching, reflections on teaching and learning and experiences as I move forward onto my teaching … Communicates with students, families, colleagues, and communities effectively and accurately. Understands and uses the results of multiple assessments to guide planning and instruction. I was able to look at each category and level and decide what needs to be working on. 4b. Transcripts Thought I would share this as I prepare to start recording evidence in my NQT year: - PDF of the New 2012 DfE Teachers' Standards - an evidence 'tracker&' template - a One-pager of the new standards, for easy reference - folder dividers to print out for the NQT evidence folder. Understands and uses instructional strategies that are appropriate to the content area. Printed from the Iowa Department of Education website on December 02, 2020 at 5:22pm.Iowa Department of Education website on December 02, 2020 at 5:22pm. Aligns classroom assessment with instruction. This is example of one of many Padlet boards that have been created by my students based on texts that we have read. Establishes and implements professional development plans based upon the teacher's needs aligned to the Iowa teaching standards and district/building student achievement goals. This portfolio serves as a record of Uses a variety of methods to monitor student learning. As students come into the district, leave the district or exit the program, it is my responsibility to make sure this document is current. Word Document: The following template is a word document that can be used to start your teaching portfolio. Uses strategies to deliver instruction that meets the multiple learning needs of students. Uses available resources, including technologies, in the delivery of instruction. Provides evidence of student learning to students, families and staff. Uses knowledge of student development to make learning experiences in the content area meaningful and accessible for every student. The portfolio will include the teacher’s implementation logs as required by the District’s Mentoring and Induction Program. 1g. Uses available resources including technologies, in the development and sequencing of instruction. Provides evidence of student learning to students, families and staff.

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